Walk 2: Duston, Northampton

The ‘Needs to Know’

Distance: Who knows, didn’t start my app. counter, but plenty of steps!

Time to walk: At least an hour, probably a little more

Difficulty: Moderate, a slow climb on the route back.

Public toilets: None

Map of the route: Again, didn’t start the app

Music Listened to: 1st half – Calvin Harris (a good beat to set a good walking pace) 2nd half – ELO

The second in our ‘Walks from my Doorstep’ series is from Mark Cook who takes us on a stroll along the footpaths from where he lives in Duston. It even visits the “Road to Nowhere’ – sounds rather spooky!

1. Start Point for my ‘Walks from my Doorstep’ is Macon Close, Duston, the current town border to the West. You can hear the sheep & lambs at this time of year…it’s like being in the country!

Short walk from front door, then sharp left onto Weggs Farm Road, a few more steps & then left again onto the old Sandy Lane…

2. A 10/15 minute walk up the cycle/walk way leads you up to the double roundabout, take a left onto Berrywood Road

3. This is the bit you have to look out for, after about 200 metres, there’s a gap in the hedge – there are two bollards that give it away! On passing through, you’ll now be on a stoned pathway

4. Just head south, the new Crispin houses on your left (there are some very nice ones to view) & the hedgerow on your right. It’s downhill from here, most pleasant as the sun had his hat on!

5. Just keep following the pathway, there’s a few dips, but in the sunshine, music in your ear, most relaxing

6. You’ll eventually come to a junction, stone pathway to the left, you need to turn right again through a wider gap in the hedge to the right

7. You’ll now be walking down the side of a field, again downhill

8. About 250/300 metres there’s,yes…another gap in the hedge to the left, which takes you to the end of the ‘road to nowhere’. Just keep heading south…

9. You’ll pass the “crossroads of uncertainty” & head down to the traffic lights at the beginning of ‘the road to nowhere’

10. Turn left & walk up the A4500, this is the boring bit & you’re now starting to walk up an incline past the Hawthorns retirement building. Surprisingly a smart modern building

11. You’ll now be approaching the first set of traffic lights leading into the new Upton part of town. Take a left at the lights, then a very short trek to the roundabout. Take the first left the sat nav would say

12. This is St Crispin Drive, you’ve started the homeward stretch, but again heading up hill. ‘Mr Blue Sky’ was the playing, quite apt at this point of the walk!

13. After 10/15 minutes you’ll be at the top of the hill with St Luke’s school on your right. You need to look to the left & the stone pathway that passes down the side of yet another retirement home, this time St Crispin Village

14. Follow the pathway, past the allotments…something I wasn’t expecting to find. St Crispin houses on your right, hedge on the left

15. If you’re still going strong, you get to the junction mentioned at Point 6. This time turn right, you’re definitely on the home run back

16. Just a simple straight reverse from Point 6 backwards…

This was a walk I’ve been meaning to do for some time. Thank you Covid19 for a pleasant afternoon stroll