Walks in Northamptonshire

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  1. Chris Archer says:

    I am interested in joining a walking group.

  2. Frank says:


    Great site – but would you consider taking no. 1 the Castle Ashby route off the list? The paths are getting destroyed by the volume of walkers. The farmer near Whiston has had to put barriers up as too many people are walking over his crops.

    • Dear Frank
      Thank you for getting in touch & sharing your concerns with me & I respect your point of view & that of the farmer.

      I’m sorry to hear that Castle Ashby is attracting so many visitors at this time of year which is causing the farmer to have to put up barriers.

      The walk that is on the website is a public one that is in several Northamptonshire walking books. Indeed that walk has been highly publicised by The Falcon, who have placed new signs all along it & have been promoting it.

      Throughout this lockdown I have been strongly encouraging members to follow the Government’s rules & to “Stay Local” message. I have encouraged my group members to “Walk from their Doorsteps” & not travel to walk. I have done this on this website, our Facebook & Twitter Groups, on BBC Television, several times on BBC Northampton & in several other articles I have been asked to contribute to.

      I always encourage our members to post where they have been walking &, I can say, that during this latest lockdown, I cannot recall when someone has posted they have done the Castle Ashby walk.

      If the farmer is concerned that people are travelling to Castle Ashby to walk, then I’d recommend they take registration numbers & report the cars to the police. In the meantime I’m happy to put a post on our Facebook group informing them of the issue, but I really don’t think it’s our members.

      Best wishes

  3. Janet dobie says:

    Looking for easy walks around daventry ( just to start with ) not country park or borough hill ( too many dogs ) something visual would be nice but not essential many thanks

  4. Pam says:

    Walk 82 rothersthorpe
    Your information as below heading towards cottage by canal no footpath that way as far as I know never as been and you can no longer get over new fence to cross the canal on lock gate

    Now try & work out which direction the marker is pointing. We need to reach the canal which is straight ahead keeping the wood in the picture above on your right, but as the post seem to be pointing to the right of it we headed up that hill – Wrong!

    Whilst they’re very impressive trees, stick with your first thoughts & walk towards the lock cottage in the distance…

    If you head across field on very marked footpath this does head towards canal

  5. Paul says:

    i really think this walk in northamptonshire is a very good idea and folk who do it are keeping them selfs really fit goood on them.

  6. Hi there,

    We have recently discovered your site and decided our first walk would be No.4 Long Buckby Circular. It was 2 miles and my 4 year old son loved every minute. The guidance was so easy to follow and the walk was beautiful. Thanks so much!

  7. I would really appreciate suggestions of where we could take our four year old. He loves being outdoors and I think 2 miles is the ideal distance for him at present. With the weather becoming warmer it would be great to explore new places. Would like to avoid cows as I am not keen! Thanks so much. Katie.

    • Hiya. You have lots of places to choose from. A great one would be at Rushden Lakes (Walk 113) which is full of wonderful carved animals fro him to spot. Any of our woods are excellent, so Salcey, Harlestone, Badby. Or why not take him for a paddle in the mill pond at Wadenhoe (Walk 31) 🙂

  8. These are all great suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to respond. We have been to Salcey and really enjoy our time there. Will look forward to checking out the new walks. Thanks!

  9. Paula says:

    Dear David. It is with regret that I contact you. Rather than air my issues on here could I have an email to contact you personally thank you

  10. Kate says:

    Hi, I’ve recently discovered your site, thank you so much for putting this together. We are going to work through the walks, we started today with walk 103, the Harrington circular and what a lovely start, a beautiful circular walk with 2 pubs to pop into made for a perfect Sunday walk! Thank you.

  11. Robert Webb says:

    In April 2022 I reach 70 years of age and I am considering setting myself a challenge to walk 70miles in about a week.
    I am considering doing the Nene Way from West to East across Northants and I see you have done this.
    Have you put the various route stages and descriptions into one document that I could have/purchase?
    Thank you

    • Hiya Robert – good for you Sir!

      So far (& it’s taken me 3 years!) I’ve done it as far as Thrapston. All the steps with instructions etc are on this website.

      Just look for the heading The Nene Way & then the sections to date should drop down. Click on those for each part with instructions & pictures etc. As with everything on my website, it’s all free.

      There’s a print button at the end of each walk, but they are large documents so after you’ve pressed Print, I suggest you click on More Options & increase the number of pages per sheet to say 6. If you need any help just shout.

      Now…you’ve given me a deadline so I’d better crack on & finish it for you 🙂

  12. Aimee Catchpole says:

    Good afternoon,

    I’m just wondering if it would be possible to join you on one of your guided walks please? I live in Weedon but am willing to travel for nice walks and possibly meet new people.

    Kind regards.


  13. phil adkins says:

    Hi There
    What a great source of inspiration this site is! We have always enjoyed walking but find it a bit tiresome retracing our steps to get back to where we started. To have the information to do circular walks is great. My wife , Sue, had a knee replacement earlier this year so we are starting off with the shorter walks for now. We have brought a couple of pocket books to identify wild flowers and trees and a scrapbook to stick photos of our walks in. Its like starting a new hobby!

    Thanks to all contributors!

    Phil Adkins

  14. Huda says:

    Good evening

    How can I join? Am a walker, but new to this.
    In Thrapston
    Appreciate some guidance.

  15. Marcus Evans says:

    We did Walk 176 Middleton Cheney, Chacombe, Overthorpe and Warkworth Circular at the weekend. Good detail in the descriptions (and yes, there were still bullocks in the field at Chacombe). However, at Warkworth, when walking through the wooded area as per instructions (at number 22), we were informed by the owners that we were walking through their back garden here and the footpath was actually in the field to the right. We were apologetic, they were understanding and we managed to scramble through the hedge into the field, but this needs correcting in the description so as not to inconvenience them again.

  16. Mary Mcneally says:

    Lovely walk from the Swan in Lamport this Evening, meeting a lovely group. Many thanks to Dave Andy and the other leaders. Looking forward to the next one.

  17. Ruth Wilkinson says:

    Hello! This looks like a great site – I can’t wait to try some new places as suggested here. Where is the tree lined path in the photo at the top of this page please? And which walks would you recommend for a 4 year old and a newborn in either a carrier or a pram? Many thanks

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