Walk 189: Everdon Stubbs

The ‘Needs to Know’

Distance: Up to you…Have a wander

Time to walk: However long you want…who cares 😉

Difficulty: Easy woodland path walking. May be muddy at times

Parking: Small off road parking area

Public toilets: None

Map of the route: There’s no route. This is a map of my meanderings

The ‘Stubbs’ are an amazing place & one of the best place to see bluebells in May, but there’s so much more to these beautiful woods than that

Everdon Stubbs is an ancient woodland with a mix of English & sessile oak, lowland birch, sweet chestnut & sycamore. Bluebells & rare wild daffodils provide colour in spring. A prehistoric Saxon burial site remains on the site’s northern boundary along with a host of other archaeological features found across the woodland

So…..I don’t have an official walk for you to follow….just a place to explore…..

Go Walk!

I don’t need to say anymore apart from…

Go Walk 🙂