Walks from my Doorstep

Here we are in March 2020 in the midst of the Corona Virus Pandemic with restrictions, quite rightly being placed upon the whole population with regards to travel & generally being outside

The advice given by the UK Government is to “Stay at Home”, but exercise is allowed once a day for both physical & mental health. However, people are being advised to stay local &, where possible, walk from their own door, rather than travel in cars to a start point

One of our followers/readers @enonamouse suggested to us that, as we can’t get out that much, it would be a great idea if we asked readers to submit their “Walk from their Doorstep”. We thought this a great idea & hopefully we can persuade others to do the same. All you need to do is take some snaps, describe your route, point out places & things of interest & just include whatever you want. Don’t worry about recording distances or providing maps etc. We will also use your text

Then, send it to us & we’ll do the rest! Obviously we’ll ask your permission to publish the walk on our blog & give you full credit for it. It will be published on the blog plus our Facebook page, twitter & our Pinterest Board, all of which are fully visible to the world