The route & history…

The Northamptonshire Round was founded many years ago by The Ten Foot Club

It doesn’t matter though as the walk itself will long outlive the people that have walked its 51 miles through some of Northamptonshire’s most beautiful villages…


We’re starting with a cup of tea at the cafe in Brixworth Country Park which is where we’ll end

Just click on the individual tabs to see how we go

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  1. David Billingham says:

    The group that created the Northamptonshire Round has not been disbanded and still walk on a regular basis, although their average age is now well in excess of 80 years. They are known as the Ten Foot Club (5 members) and put in a great deal of effort and many hours work on the project. Perhaps you would care to reflect this in your introduction.


    • Hi David.

      Thank you for your comments & I’ve updated the post which I took from another site so you may wish to contact them too.

      I actually met one of your lovely members recently & he invited me to walk with you. Sadly commitments mean I haven’t had time yet, but I will & I look forward to meeting you 🙂

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