Walk 22: Selena’s Wymington Walk

This is Selena Ibbott’s “Walk from my Doorstep” & is just over the County border in Bedfordshire. Wymington, Sharnbrook & the surrounding areas are quite beautiful

Thank you Selena for sending it to me 

The ‘Needs to Know’

Distance: 4 miles (6.38 km) 

Time to walk: It took Selena approximately 1.5 hours

Difficulty: A mixture of tracks & field paths. It can be muddy during wet weather. There were no livestock or stiles

Parking: By the Memorial Hall in Wymington

Public toilets: None en route

Map of the route:

This is my first walk from my doorstep in Wymington. I will be doing a few over the following weeks as I am lucky to have a few options where I can go

Let’s Walk!

1. This walk starts at Church Close, Wymington, outside the Memorial Hall. The Hall was built to remember all those lost in the two Great Wars & is used by the local community & for wedding receptions

Head left towards the play park but, just before you get there, take the road on your right, St Lawrence Walk & head for the alley

2. Continue down the alley passing the Old White Horse pub on your left, which is now a private residence

The pub was built on the site of a house where the owner used to sell beer to the local residents

3. Cross straight over the road into South Grove & continue straight up this road until you reach the fields

4. Head across the field towards the railway bridge but do NOT cross it. This is the old freight line that has recently had a second track added

Without crossing the bridge turn left, following the track around the edge of the field, keeping the railway track on your right

5. You will end up walking between two fences, with the track on your right… 

…& Goosey Lodge is on your left. Continue for around just under 1km until you reach a bridge. Cross the bridge

6. Continue straight after crossing the bridge for around 10 metres, looking for a track on your left…

Take this track which will take you over a small brook…

7. Head right after the brook, yet again following the freight track, which is now on your left. You will now be walking between the freight line on your left, & the main line on your right. You should see Sharnbrook tunnel ahead of you on your left

8. Follow this track until you’re on top of the tunnel…

This land belongs to the Wildlife Trust & Red Kites, Buzzards & even Common Lizards can be found here

9. You are now going to walk along the top of the tunnel for around 1.5km. Keep going, passing the air shafts & the ant hills

10. Eventually you’ll reach a gate…

11. Go though the gate & you are now on Forty foot lane. At this point we are going to turn right & head over the railway bridge. This track is often muddy

12. Keep going for 0.5 km until you see this gate on your left, but do NOT go though it

13. We want the hidden track opposite this on the right that takes you into the woods.

14. Keep an eye out in the woods. I have seen Roe Deer & Muntjac. Follow this track until you come out of the woods next to the solar panels & wood piles, if they are still there. There’s also a point of interest sign 

15. We are now going to turn right heading into the solar panels. The path takes you on a wide track between the panels

16. At the end of the track you will see a way maker. We will follow it to the left, keeping the solar panels on our left

17. When you come to the end of the panels there is another point of interest. For some reason they just used the same one as before. The “you are here” mark is wrong

18. Carry on along the edge of the next field keeping the woods to the right. Hares can often be seen here…

19. You will come to the end of the woods & a small gap in the hedge leading to a small bridge. Cross this bridge…

20. Now follow the path, keeping the hedge to your left, until you reach the small wooded area at the end. Go though the trees & you will see a railway footbridge across the field…


21. Head round the field & cross the bridge…

You now need to head directly across the field to the way marker in the distance. The track was gone due to ploughing, but is there most of the year…



22. Cross this bridge. This is the bridge we didn’t cross at the beginning on the walk.


23. Head back across the field towards the houses. You are now back to South Grove

Head back down the street to the old pub…

…& cross the road & go up the alley back to the Memorial Hall

I hope you enjoyed my walk. It’s one we love as you never know what you will see!

Thanks Selena – that’s great!

Go Walk!