Welcome to our walking blog, which started out over nine years ago to show off our beautiful County of Northamptonshire. Research has found that most people drive (on the M1) through one of Britain’s most beautiful counties without stopping.

We’d really like to hope to change this & make you stop & come & explore us. Although we’d like to keep Northamptonshire secret, we’d love you to come & see what a stunning County we have – we’re a very friendly bunch & you’ll be amazed at what Northamptonshire has to offer

On this website you’ll find over 200 Walks in Northamptonshire & another 160 outside, plus all over the World – come & walk around Sydney with me! All the walks are free & are “picture led” (I don’t do maps).

The reason is I wanted it to be possible for a family to go for a walk on a Sunday morning & a child to be able to lead it.

In 2020 the World encountered the Corona Virus & the Government recommended that we all exercise, but preferably local. So we started a new tab called “Walks from my Doorstep’ & asked people to submit their personal “isolation” walks which have their own tab & are just wonderful & we thank them for their contribution

I really hope you enjoy what I’ve tried to create 🙂

30th November 2023: On the last day of Autumn I decided to recce our amazing Norton Walk. The reflections along the canal were amazing!

25th November 2023: Our December Group Walks are now available to book by emailing northamptonshirewalks@btinternet.com

20th November 2023: There’s a brand new Northamptonshire Walk on the website this evening & it’s pretty good in all seasons. It’s a circuit of Burton Latimer & it’s Walk 216

14th November 2023: It all starts live on BBC Northampton tomorrow morning at 7am & then we set off on Day 1 of the NN’Deavour Children in Need Walk. Listen in & track our progress online too

6th November 2023: There’s a brand new Northamptonshire Walk on the website this evening. It’s Walk 215 & it’s “live” now

30th October 2023: Really proud to be given an honour from the Countryside Commission Protection of Rural England (CPRE)

22nd October 2023: Our November Group Walks Schedule’s now open for booking by emailing northamptonshirewalks@btinternet.com

16th October 2023: Really excited & proud today that we’ll be leading the BBC Northampton Children in Need two day walk on 15th & 16th November. Roughly 12 miles on both days. We’d love you to come & join us! For further details click on the link below

12th October 2023: What a week it’s been so far. Monday recce a walk, Tuesday a radio interview & a WI talk, Wednesday a 12 mile walk & a talk to Northampton Prostate Support Group, Today a group walk & tomorrow some Merch delivery – full on!

5th October 2023: Been a bit quiet lately due to lots going on. Watch this space for some exciting anouncements

26th September 2023: Our October Group Walks schedule is now open to book by emailing northamptonshirewalks@btinternet.com

24th September 2023: An amazing ‘double up’ group walk around the Woburn Estate today. Just incredible

19th September 2023: A great day to do the Grendon & Easton Maudit Walk on Derek Nimmo’s birthday, who lived in the village. Only respectful to visit his grave to wish him all the best

17th September: Phew what a full on week with Group Walks & Talks. Another busy week coming up starting with a talk to ‘Extra Time’ tomorrow morning

11th September: Apologies for being a bit quiet on here at the moment. Life is rather full on 🙂

4th September 2023: I love Delapre & it was looking amazing in today’s sunlight. We have 2 walks there that show it off. Walks 107 & 173. Go Walk!

30th August 2023: So proud to be part of this initiative. Click on the link below…

Northants Active Champions – Meet Dave Askew

26th August 2023: There’s a brand new Northamptonshire Walk on the website this evening &, as it’s all on hard surfaces, I’ve also included it under the ‘Accessibility / Disability’ section. It’s Walk 213 & it’s another walk that, like Brackmills, is around an industrial estate. Go Walk!

22nd August 2023: Our September Group Walks schedule is now available to be by emailing northamptonshirewalks@btinternet.com

20th August 2023: A week or so I met Bikash, an Everest & Nepalise Sherpa Guide. I was truly honoured & we will meet again

16th August 2023: Such a good evening getting all our Group Walk Leaders & Moderators (apart from 2) together this evening. All volunteers & they do such an incredible job for us

14th August 2023: What a fabulous Group Walk we had last night from Wadenhoe

10th August 2023: Life over the last month or so has been full on but the short Arnside Knott Walk is now live on the website. It’s Walk 184 under Walks outside Northamptonshire

3rd August 2023: What a fabulous first Group Walk of August. Loved taking some great people on the Eydon Circular

27th July 2023: One more group walk on Saturday & that’s July done. Can’t believe we are 7 months through 2023

23rd July 2023: Our August Group Walks schedule is now available to book by emailing northamptonshirewalks@btinternet.com

21st July 2023: Been a bit quiet, but that’s because we’ve been away for 3 weeks in wonderful Silverdale & Arnside. What a stunning place. There’s already 1 Silverdale walk on the website & they’ll soon be some more 🙂

11th July 2023: There’s a brand new Northamptonshire Walk on the Website! It’s Walk 212 & it’s the Maidford & Canons Ashby 9 mile Circular. Find it under the Walks in Northamptonshire tab

10th July 2023: Apologies for being a bit quiet on here at the moment, but we’re taking some well deserved R & R

4th July 2023: Here’s the link to the great video podcast from last week
How walking saved one man’s life – YouTube

28th June 2023: Lots of media coverage this week which I’ll update the Media Section with shortly. Plus this morning a first…a video podcast with the superb Jonathan Pittam of mindbodyconsulting.co.uk Again will post the link later

21st June 2023: Our July Group Walk Schedule is now available to book

20th June 2023: There’s a brand new Northamptonshire Walk on the website this evening & it’s fab. Check out Walk 211: Newnham & The Nuttery

18th June 2023: Our June Group Walk programme continues & our July schedule should be available to book soon

10th June 2023: There’s a brand new Northamptonshire Walk on the website. It’s wonderful Walk 210 Stanford on Avon & the Hemplow Hills. It’s fab!

6th June 2023: Today we welcomed Linda Jennings, our latest Group Leader, on her first Group Walk. As you can see she had an amazing time

2nd June 2023: The sun is shining & there’s another brand new walk on the website. It’s Walk 209 & includes Glapthorn & the Cow Pastures

28th May 2023: Today marks 10 years since I started this website by going on my first walk after a major health scare. Who knew what would happen next

25th May 2023: Our Group Walks schedule for June is now available to book by emailing northamptonshirewalks@btinternet.com

19th May 2023: Really looking forward to being part of East Hunsbury PC Wellbeing Hub tomorrow. We’re leading 2 walks around Hunsbury starting at 10.30am from the Library. One’s 2.5 miles, the other 5.5

13th May 2023: This week’s been rather chaotic with Group Walks, speaking engagements & devising new walks. Next week we have our third joint Talk & Walk with the great Heritage Team at Stanwick Lakes. They truly are an amazing experience & everyone that comes along cannot believe what an amazing place it is

8th May 2023: There’s a brand new Walk under the Walks in Northamptonshire tab. It’s Walk 208 & it includes the amazing ‘Pulpit Bridge’ & all the history that goes with it

5th May 2023: I’ve not posted for a while as we’ve been away enjoying the wonders of the Yorkshire Moors. Look out for a couple of walks coming from there soon. The TV article we did about Upton was on the other evening – click on the link below to watch…

25th April 2023: As always, a fun morning doing a bit of filming with ITV Anglia TV

23rd April 2023: Our May Group Walks Schedule is now available to book under the Group Walks heading

18th April 2023: Today we did a new route from Watford (Northamptonshire) that included the amazing ‘Pulpit Bridge’. Now just to write it up for this website

12th April 2023: There are days…& then there are Northamptonshire Walks Days! Today we led a group on a fantastic walk from Yelvertoft to Crick & then around Crick Deer Park. Our other group experienced our amazing joint collaboration with the Heritage Team at Stanwick Lakes – such an incredible historical site. Look out for our date in May if you’d like to come along

11th April 2023: Really looking forward to tomorrow’s Stanwick Lakes Talk & Walk with their amazing Heritage Team tomorrow. Such an incredible site with so much history

7th April 2023: Happy Easter everyone! To celebrate we have a new Walk (just) outside Northamptonshire around Napton on the Hill. It’s Walk 181

2nd April 2023: Wow….where did March go? The good news is the weather could be good for the Easter weekend. Today we welcomed a new Group Leader to our fabulous team. It’s the lovely Linda Jennings

28th March 2023: There’s a brand new walk on the website this evening. Starting in Dodford it includes climbing & a lap of our second highest peak, Borough Hill. And at the end it visits the amazing Hobbit(ty) House. It’s Walk 207

23rd March 2023: Phew a really busy day with an early start on BBC Northampton to discuss the 3rd anniversary of ‘Lockdown’ (see under the ‘In the Media’ section). And then this evening we launch our April Group Walks Schedule at 8pm

20th March 2023: It’s the last week before the clocks go forward & we can start to look forward to lighter evenings & warm summer evening walks. We can’t wait!

14th March 2023: There’s a brand new walk on the website this evening. It’s Walk 159 which replaces the old 159 Wilby Walk which had a dangerous crossing & the briar path from hell. The new Walk 159 includes Deanshanger, Wicken & Puxley & has lots of information to go with it

13th March 2023: Loved talking to Kerrie Cosh On BBC Northampton today. I should have done better on the Pop Quiz questions. If you fancy a listen, click on this link:

9th March 2023: What a fantastic day being part of Northampton University’s Mental Heath Awareness Day. We met some amazing people & it was great to share the benefits of walking

7th March 2023: There’s a brand new Northamptonshire Walk on the website this evening. People always ask “How can I walk between Blisworth & Stoke Bruerne without going on that dangerous road?” So we’ve written a circular walk that does just that & takes in two beautiful villages. It’s Walk 206

2nd March 2023: So goodbye winter & hello spring, although it appears there’s the possibility of some snow next week. We’ve some great Group Walks in March (check out the schedule) under the Group Walks tab

27th February 2023: Gosh…life has been so hectic I forgot to post! Lots to bring you in the next few days – watch this space 🙂

16th February 2023: What a fab afternoon talking to Rothwell Ladies. And now the March Group Walks schedule is live under the Group Walks tab

14th February 2023: Happy Valentines Day to all our readers! Let’s celebrate with a brand new Northamptonshire Walk. It’s Walk 205 & it takes in Crick Deer Park

13th February 2023: Due to the amazing demand for free tickets for our joint Walk & Heritage Talk event at Stanwick Lakes in March, we’ve decided to run another one on 12th April 10am – 1pm. To get your hands on one of the 20 tickets get in quick by clicking on this link 

10th February 2023: This weekend it’s the wonderful Chelveston Church Snowdrop Festival. If you’ve never been before it’s well worth a visit

2nd February 2023: There’s a brand new Northamptonshire Walk on the website! It’s Walk 204 from Draughton & has some fabulous scenery & is dog friendly too

1st February 2023: Blimey it’s goodbye January already & what a fab walking month it’s been. And today what a walk to start February including a guided tour of the Church, Bede House & Grammar School. Oh & the steeplejack was incredible!

25th January 2023: This evening we are extremely honoured & humbled to have been awarded a Highly Commended Award by CPRE Northamptonshire. This was completely out of the blue & we are so proud to help promote our beautiful County

“Northamptonshire Walks also impressed the judges for its wide county usage with a 30,000 facebook group and 4,000 people on group walks in 2022 .The facility particularly came into  its own during the Covid periods providing local  walks for everyone.  The  judges  felt that the walks had a significant impact on promoting exercise with enjoyment of our county landscapes. The judges said “This is brilliant and such a great way to encourage people to  stop off in our lovely county – the breadth of information covered would sell the county to  anyone “

24th January 2023: Watch this space tomorrow evening – we have some amazing news coming!

21st January 2023: There’s a brand new walk just “Outside Northamptonshire” tonight & it’s fab. Let’s have a stroll around Turvey & also the lovely village as well. It’s Walk 180

20th January 2023: What an amazing couple of days. Thursday evening a great talk in East Haddon & then today, two amazing Group Walks around the Parks & Woods of Corby, & Weedon Bec village

15th January 2023: Our February Group Walks schedule is now available to book by emailing northamptonshirewalks@btinternet.com

12th January 2023: Gosh it’s wet ‘n’ windy out there. We have lots of Group Walks this weekend…Friday there’s one around Sywell & the other around Hunsbury Pocket Parks. Saturday is Yardley Gobian & the Lost Village of Furtho. Then Sunday is Willen Lake in Milton Keynes

9th January 2023: Haven’t you just got to love a “big sky” walk? Well our brand new Walk 203 in Northamptonshire certainly has that, along with two beautiful villages, a great pub, a hill & not too much mud. It’s live on the website now from Sutton Bassett & Ashley

8th January 2023: 

Great to see so many people booking on our group walks for the first time. Not many spaces left so to book email northamptonshirewalks@btinternet.com

1st January 2023:

Happy New Year to you all. What a great walk we had this morning – 57 of us around Pitsford Reservoir

31st December 2022 Review of the Year:

I ended my review of 2021, when we saw more lockdowns & situations where many people’s ability to get outside & well-being was being affected, by saying…“Who knows what 2022 will bring, but what I do know is it’ll be fun & this group will remain the positive, caring, supportive, family & safe environment that each of you helps to create.”

It’s always been my aim to try & maintain this same ethos from when I first started it to the size it is today. On the 30th May 2023 it will be 10 years since I started my website to help me with my own well-being. On that day I never dreamt what the journey would be.

We still have a long way to walk together & the path is never straight, or without some mud or stiles. But the one thing that’s certain is we will keep walking &, when the going gets tough, we will always support each other – that’s what you do so brilliantly. Thank you.

So what happened in 2022…

Northamptonshire Walks Website:

We continue to discover & write new walks for you to explore. Today there are over 200 walks in Northamptonshire & over 175 outside. Don’t forget if you’re staying anywhere in the country, always have a look as I may have done a walk there!

Thank you to 003.5 Richard Parkes who’s helped me do the footwork for some of the newer walks – we are a great team. Walk 200 has been left blank as we have a special one planned which we’ll start doing in the spring when the better weather arrives.

In 2021 the website got 1.1 million views. With restrictions being eased it was never going to get the same in 2022. However, it will still get around 600,000 views which is amazing!

Social Media

Our Facebook Group never fails to knock me over. Recently we passed through the 30,000 membership – all of whom we carefully vet to protect you all.

I hope you feel that it’s a really safe place to be &, if you feel unsafe in any way, you must tell us immediately.

Our other social media arms have also grown well on Twitter & Instagram

Our ‘Looking After You’ Team

As we’ve grown, I’ve been indebted to an incredible group of people that have given up their time this year to help & to allow me to have a life as well.

On the Admin / Moderating side we now have myself, Tanya, Elaine, Carol, Matt & most recently Helen. They do a fantastic job of looking after you all & keeping the site a great place to be.

On the Merch side, I am forever indebted to what Richard Parkes has done & continues to do to keep you supplied.

Our Group Walks Team

I’ll talk about Group Walks in a minute. At the beginning of 2022 Elaine & I were doing about 10 Group Walks a month. Demand was still huge so Tanya said to me “You can either stick at what you’re doing or just go for it”

It was scary, but a no-brainer really, so step forward Zoe, Tonia, Dawn & Andy who have been such a joy to have as Group Leaders – thank you.

They always ask me “why did you choose me?” And the answer I give them is “because you’re kind & I know you will look after people for me”. Given the feedback I get, I know I made some amazing choices.

Group Walks

In 2022 we…..

Did 232 Group Walks, including some ‘Away Days’ which we’ll do more of in 2023

Took over 4,000 people on a group walk….yes…4,000!!!!

Tanya said to me a few months ago “Do you remember many years ago we were sat in Stratford on Avon & I asked you, if you could do any job in the world, what would you do?”

Well I can’t remember 2 minutes ago, but my answer was…”I’d love to be one of those people that takes people on walks & shows them nice things”

Wow…dreams really do come true

We continue to welcome newbies on all our group walks & we hope everyone has a great time. We’ve had to cancel a few this year due to Weather Warnings, but your safety is our main priority which is also why we insure each & every one of you that comes on one


In 2022 I’ve been lucky to do something I really love & that’s stand up in front of groups of people & tell our story. Thank you to all the people that have invited me to do so & for all the cake!

I’ve got 3 bookings in January & have others monthly all the way through October 2023. If anyone is in a group that needs a speaker just email me at northamptonshirewalks@btinternet.com & I’d love to come along.

I’m also looking at running a few different, free, group events for you in 2023 with guest speakers – so watch this space!

In the Media

We continue to get great Media coverage on Radio, BBC & ITV TV & in local publications. To see everything we’ve done click on the “In the Media” tab on northamptonshirewalks.co.uk

I’m so grateful for the support everyone gives us & will always try & help wherever I can. We start 2023 with another walk with the BBC Northampton Breakfast programme on 3rd January from 6.45am so set your alarms to have a listen!

We were also privileged to be part of the BBC Northampton Children in Need event. It was great to see some of our group walking & also doing live interviews on the radio – something that’s never easy if you’ve never done it before & you all did a brilliant job!

I was also very proud that we were able to make a £200 donation to this amazing charity


I’m always humbled by any recognition Northamptonshire Walks gets as that’s not why I do it. The priority is helping people wherever we can & everything we do should be for that reason alone.

So when we got nominated for 3/8 BBC ‘Make a Difference’ Awards I was blown away. And what really touched me was that the nominations came from all of you – thank you.

As I said, if I could have taken each of you to the ceremony I would have. It was a wonderful evening & we were incredibly proud to be awarded the ‘Make a Difference’ Award which was awarded to…

an individual or group of people who create real change by breaking down barriers and bringing together people from different walks of life for a common cause

To finish….

I could go on…& many often say I do…so I’d better be quiet, but it makes me so proud to talk about our walking journey.

But none of it would be possible with YOU, the people who keep it all going & who are amazing in your support of each other & of me & the team. We cannot thank you enough as, we love what we do & it gives us so much reward & enjoyment.

All of this will continue into 2023 & look out for some new ideas. Every one of us, including me, will have our own personal journeys this year…some exciting, some happy, some sad, some challenging & some that will test both body & mind.

A big journey always starts with small steps. Together all our millions of small steps have led us on a huge journey as one big family & we have many more miles to travel together in 2023.

Thank you…stay safe…be kind to each other…

Happy New Year…&…

Keeeep Walking!!

22nd December 2022: What a fabulous day spent delivering hoodies & fleeces. Great chatting to so many people & thank you! Looking forward to 2023…here’s our January Group Walks Schedule! To book email northamptonshirewalks@btinternet.com

17th December 2022: Sadly tomorrow’s weather warning means we have to cancel our Xmas Hat walk. No worries though as this will become part of our Pitsford walk on 1st January

14th December 2022: What a wonderful Xmas Walk with a Meal. Great to see so many happy people

11th December 2022: And just like that our Facebook Group just hit 30,000 members, all with a personal connection to Northamptonshire, or invited by an existing member; all vetted by our wonderful Admin Team which means we get no spam, just a happy, positive, fantastic Group. If you haven’t yet, come & join us

8th December 2022: Gosh it’s cold! So let’s have a brand new Northamptonshire Walk to warm us up! It’s Walk 202 from Paulerspury & it’s live on the website now

1st December 2022: So November, the wettest month for years slips away & here we are in December, the last 31 days of 2022. Today I revisited the Weedon Bec Village Walk in readiness for taking a group there next Tuesday. The history of the village & especially The Depot is just incredible & so under-promoted as a Northamptonshire gem. The new Heritage Visitor Centre is excellent but be aware it’s closed on Monday & Tuesday

24th November 2022: Another day…another new Northamptonshire Walk. It’s Walk 201 & it’s a short one suitable for everyone around our very own ‘Narnia’…Hardingstone Pocket Park

23rd November 2022: This morning’s ‘Chilled” Group Walk at Foxfield Country Park was so lovely we thought we’d do it as a walk for the website. It’s Walk 199 & it’s live now

19th November 2022: Our December Group Walks schedule is now available. To book email northamptonshirewalks@btinternet.com

14th November 2022: What an amazing day on BBC Northampton’s Children in Need ‘Walk & Talk’ today for six of our Group. They all managed to walk the whole 18 miles!

10th November 2022: We already have a few “all weather” walks around Milton Keynes amazing pathways. But when the chance came to get their 11 mile “Cultural” Walk on the website we jumped at it. It takes in churches, canals, abbeys, sculpture trails etc etc…oh & those cows! It’s Walk 179 & it’s live now under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab

9th November 2022: Lots of people have been asking where’s the best place to see an amazing display of autumn colours. One of our favourites is just outside the County at Harcourt Arboretum, which is part of Oxford University. It’s famous for its azaleas & maples, but is great at all times of the year. It’s Walk 178 under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab

6th November 2022: We’ve just advertised a Xmas Walk to include lunch on 14th December. See this link for how to book tickets

2nd November 2022: And just like that in came November with it’s shorter days. The weather is still unusually mild with many flowers starting to flower again. And we’re also starting to see the return of the dreaded mud! We had a wonderful Halloween Group Walk the other evening & scared a few locals!

26th October 2022: There’s two brand new walks on here this evening. Firstly our new Walk 198 in Northamptonshire from Brafield on the Green. And our Walk 176 which looks at Gloucester City Centre

23rd October 2022: Our November Group Walks schedule is now available to book by emailing northamptonshirewalks@btinternet.com

22nd October 2022: Last night we were extremely privileged to be amongst some inspirational people at the BBC ‘Make a Difference’ Awards. We were even prouder to be awarded ‘The Together Award’. Thank you to each & everyone of you that makes this group what it is – this is for You!

18th October 2022: The website walks were never going to exceed the 1 million views they got in 2021 when social distancing meant people couldn’t mix as much. However it has just passed through 500,000 so far in 2022. Thank you for all you support

15th October 2022: When you’re used to being really active & walking is your “wellbeing” go to, you really notice it when you can’t do it. It’s been 4 weeks now & hopefully the health will get sorted soon. In the meantime, the final walk we did whilst in North Devon is now live on the website. It’s Walk 175 under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab & it’s our look at the Ilfracombe Town Trails (which I’ve also nicknamed the Madonna’s Bra Walk)

7th October 2022: When we were in North Devon recently we did the wonderful Watersmeet Gorge Trail. It was simply stunning & what a Tea Room. It’s Walk 174 under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab

30th September 2022: There’s a brand new Northamptonshire Walk on the website this evening. It’s Walk 197 a 4.1 mile stroll from Barby in the west of the County & it has amazing views

26th September 2022: We were supposed to have been away walking in Northumberland this week, but sadly that had to be cancelled. So to make up for it why not let’s have a brand New Outside Northamptonshire Seaside Walk! It’s Walk 173, a short 2 mile stroll around beautiful Robin Hood’s Bay & it’s fab & live now

21st September 2022: Our October Group Walk Schedule is now “live”. Booking is strictly by email only to northamptonshirewalks@btinternet.com

20th September 2022: So grateful to Sarah Ward of NN Journal who joined us on our recent Fotheringhay Group Walk & wrote the following, fantastic article


17th September 2022: Our second short walk in North Devon is now live under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab. It’s Walk 172 down to Heddon’s Mouth

15th September 2022: The first of my North Devon Walks is now live on the website. It’s Walk 171 under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab & it’s The Valley of the Rocks

11th September 2022: Just back from a wonderful week in North Devon. What a great selection of walks we did that we’ll get written up for the website, including The Valley of Rocks & Heddon’s Mouth

7th September 2022: If you’re awake at 8.40am tomorrow morning listen in to BBC Northampton to hear me chatting about next week’s ‘Make a Difference’ Awards

1st September 2022: And…just like that…Autumn appeared. I wonder what the picture is on our Northamptonshire Walks Calendar?

30th August 2022: There’s a brand new Northamptonshire Walk on the website this evening. It’s Walk 196 under the Walks in Northamptonshire tab. It’s the Greens Norton, Bradden & Blakesley Circular

23rd August 2022: Our September Group Walks schedule is now live on the website. To book email northamptonshirewalks@btinternet.com

22nd August 2022: Really looking forward to our rescheduled ‘Away Day’ this Wednesday with walks around Turville & Marlow. Our September Group Walks schedule will be released tomorrow evening 🙂

12th August 2022: This evening there’s a brand new walk under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab. It’s Walk 169 & it’s our walk around the Grand Prix circuit of Monaco. Click on the link above

12th August 2022: Gosh this warm weather continues & our advice remains the same – keep safe & take all the usual precautions. Due to all the Met Office weather warnings, we have cancelled all of this weekend’s Group Walks. Next week will hopefully be better

3rd August 2022: Lots of Group Walks coming up this weekend & we do have spaces on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. See the Group Walks tab at this link for details. Booking is by email to northamptonshirewalks@btinternet.com

29th July 2022: So love working with Wells & Co (Charles Wells Brewery). Today we’ve announced our second collaboration linked to one of our walks..from The Bear near Little Lawford. Check it out at this link & here’s the amazing deal….

28th July 2022: What an amazing week of walking it’s been, taking full advantage of the fantastic weather. The group walks have been great too. We’re really excited to have been asked to be part of the Nene Valley Festival in September. We’ll be running 3 group walks

21st July 2022: Our Group Walks schedule for August is now live. Click on the Group Walks heading to access it

21st July 2022: We’re currently updating the website so please bear with any glitches

20th July 2022: Our August Group Schedule will be live at 8pm tomorrow

19th July 2022: Gutted that we’ve had to postpone our “Away Day” Walks in Turville & Marlow tomorrow due to Weather Warnings for thunderstorms. Safety is always our priority & we will rearrange them

14th July 2022: There’s a brand new Northamptonshire Walk on the website this evening. It’s Walk 195 from Great Cransley & takes in Loddington & Cransley Wood. If you’re feeling energetic you could even combine it with Walk 40 which takes in Thorpe Malsor & the reservoir

12th July 2022: There’s been some amazing Group Walks so far this month, but unfortunately we’ve had to cancel this Sunday’s due to the Met Office alert. We will rearrange them 🙂

7th July 2022: What a wonderful evening talking to the lovely ladies of Thrapston WI this evening. Thank you for your amazing hospitality

6th July 2022: A really busy few days coming up. Tomorrow morning I’ll be taking a group on my wonderful Marston Trussell Walk. Then in the evening I’m so looking forward to talking to Thrapston WI.
And then it’s finalising my talks for Saturday’s talks at Jeyes Moon Gate Garden. Tickets are still available

3rd July 2022: Summer is coming. If there’s one picture that sums summer up in the UK where would it be. Mine is this one at Three Cliffs Bay at sunset a few years ago

29th June 2022: Just back from an amazing 4 days walking in the Yorkshire Moors area. Just love that part of the country

24th June 2022: Just published the 3rd of the walks we did on our recent visit to the Yorkshire Dales. It’s Walk 167 under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab & it has just one of the best ever waterfalls. Here’s the link 

21st June 2022: Booking is now open for our July Group Walks & I hope you find the schedule as exciting as we do. Booking is strictly by email only to northamptonshirewalks@btinternet.com

16th June 2022: I’m extremely proud to have been told we’ve been shortlisted as a Finalist in 3 categories for BBC Radio Northampton’s inaugural ‘Make a Difference Awards’. Firstly thank you to each & every one of you who nominated us – I’m extremely grateful, proud & humbled.
We have been nominated in the ‘Volunteer’; ‘Community Group’; & ‘The Together Award’ categories. BBC Radio Northampton is hosting a special afternoon tea & awards ceremony at Franklin’s Gardens on Thursday 15th September & I wish I could take each & every one of you. Thank you again – it means so much 🙂 #BBCMakeADifference

13th June 2022: Blimey what a busy week it’s been with Group Walks, including a big group doing the wonderful Woburn Walk. Also there’s been more public speaking events, which I love & bookings continue to come in up to March 2023. Last evening we were lucky to get tickets to a fantastic event at RHS Wisley, who have a no dogs allowed policy. Yesterday between 6.15 – 8.15pm it was dogs & owners only – what a wonderful, happy event

5th June 2022: One of the most visited places in September last year was the wonderful wild flower field at Creaton. As it’ll be there again this year I thought we should have a walk that takes it in. It’s Walk 194 & it’s live on the website now

31st May 2022: Our second walk from our recent trip to the Yorkshire Dales is now live. It’s Walk 166: Aysgarth Falls & Woods & it’s under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab

30th May 2022: So proud to have been invited back to speak at another series of the Jeyes Moon Gate Garden talks on 9th July…

26th May 2022: ITV produced a show called Britain’s Top 100 Walks. Helvellyn was No.1; Snowden was No.2 & Malham Cove, Gordale Scar & Janet’s Foss in the Yorkshire Dales was No.3. I have a section on my website called ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ & it’s No.165 & it’s live now

20th May 2022: Whenever we’ve done a Binty Bint Group Walk it gets fully booked immediately. So I thought I’d better make it a “self-guided” one too so you can do it on your own. Plus there’s a few little “extras” at the end which we don’t cover on a Group Walk. It’s Walk 193 & it’s ‘live’ now

18th May 2022: There’s a brand new Northamptonshire Walk on my website tonight. It covers the village & field edges surrounding Long Buckby. I’ve also included it under the ‘Northamptonshire Town & Village Walks’ tab. It’s Walk 192 

18th May 2022: What a great day delivering Northamptonshire Walks T-Shirts & meeting lovely people. Then a stroll along the beautiful Nene between Earls Barton towards Hardwater Crossing where I heard the first cuckoo this year

17th May 2022: Last week we spent a few days in the wonderful Yorkshire Dales doing walks around Malham, Aysgarth & West Burton which I’ll be writing up on the website.

9th May 2022: On Monday we were extremely proud to hand over £1200, being the proceeds raised from the 2022 Charity Calendar, to The Frank Bruno Foundation. And look who we were able to give it to in person…

2nd May 2022: Wow is May here already. Being an allotment holder too, I’d love some rain please. But the good news is the amazing weather has seen so many of you out there walking. The walks on my website received over 10,000 views this weekend – Thank You 🙂

30th April 2022: There’s a brand new Northamptonshire Walk on the website this evening. It’s Walk 191 & it’s from Lutton, also known as Luddington in the Brooke

25th April 2022: There’s some new summer merch available this evening. Please see under the Merchandise Tab

19th April 2022: Coming this Thursday evening…our May Group Walks programme

15th April 2022: A couple of weeks ago I visited Pickering & thought I’d have a look at their Town Trail. It’s live now…it’s Walk 163 under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab

12th April 2022: Today was our Grendon & Easton Maudit Group Walk where you go through one of my favourite gates in Northamptonshire. Every time I see it, it makes me smile & says to me “Come on…let’s go & explore”

8th April 2022: There’s a brand new Northamptonshire Walk on the website this evening. It’s Walk 190: The West Haddon Circular. Click on the link

7th April 2022: This Sunday at 11am we’ll be doing a ‘Mass’ Group Walk at Delapre Park which includes the new touring exhibition “In Memoriam” by Luke Jerram. The exhibition allows people to remember all those who have lost their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s also a tribute to all the NHS health & care workers who have been risking their lives during the crisis https://memoriamartwork.com/about/
There’s no booking, just meet at the exhibition at 10.45am & then we’ll do the 2.5 mile Delapre Signposted Walk. As always it would be great to see as many of you as possible for just a stroll & a natter

4th April 2022: Just spent the weekend on the Yorkshire Moors – look out for a couple of walks coming. We do love Whitby though…

25th March 2022: Gosh life has been so busy this week, arranging meetings etc. I & our leaders took about 120 people on amazing walks in beautiful Northamptonshire this week & everything we do is Free.

In May the bluebell season will be here & it looks like this year will be amazing. There’s so many plaees to see them, but one of our most booked walks is through the Hunsbury Pocket Parks. Our Group Walk always gets over booked so I thought I’d make it into a self-guided one.

It’s Walk 188 & it’s also my ‘Walk from My Doorstep”
Click on this link 

20th March 2022: 26 April Group Walks are available to book now by emailing northamptonshirewalks@btinternet.com

15th March 2022: Gosh….there’s so much going on with the Group at the moment. I’ll be announcing the 25 April Walks (500) places this Sunday evening so watch out for that. I’ll also be doing a mid week “what’s on” update tomorrow evening 🙂

Also this evening there’s a Brand New Northamptonshire Walk! It’s No. 187…Helmdon & Astwell

11th March 2022: I’ve never been to Stanwick Lakes so thought I’d better put that right. I had a look at two of their formal trails & both are now on the website. They’re Walk 185 & Walk 186

7th March 2022: What a 7 days it’s been with us becoming involved with the wonderful ‘My Stroke Hub’ & I look forward to working with this amazing organisation. We’ve also agreed to be part of ‘Headfest 2022’, a week long local mental health awareness event. Plus I’m pleased to announce I’ll be speaking in the Jeyes Moongate Garden again this summer. Phew…& lots of new walks

1st March 2022: So excited to start a new period in the world of Northamptonshire Walks with 4 new Group Leaders. Today’s walk was the wonderful Kings Cliffe & Blatherwyke Walk which never fails

24th February 2022: 400 spaces are now available to book on our March Group Walks. See the schedule under the Group Walks tab

22nd February 2022: Today’s a very exciting day as I’ve just taken on 4 new Group Walk Leaders, meaning theirs now 6 on the team. That allows us to increase our FREE Group Walk programme with immediate effect. So tomorrow we’ll be announcing our March schedule of 20 walks, which will rise to many more during the summer

18th February 2022: Wow what an amazing few days it’s been. A new walk tonight…another NW Talk & lots of discussion for some new projects we want to be involved in

15th February: The Northamptonshire Walks Badge moves onto Miami Beach…

13th February 2022: What an amazing week & who would have thought our badge would have been sitting in the Cafe de Paris in Casino Square, Monte Carlo

7th February 2022: Really enjoyed partaking in ‘Mastermind’ on BBC Northampton this morning. Click on this link to have a listen

6th February 2022: The end of another walking week. Isn’t the weather doing strange things at the moment. Today we’ve had wind, rain, sun & this evening sleet! Someone told me we are 42 days ahead of where we should be. Spring is definitely coming & the snowdrops are filling out, plus we saw some full bloom daffodils a couple of days ago. The birds are now definitely more vocal as they start their search for a mate. Exciting times 🙂

4th February 2022: Tonight there’s a new Walk in Northamptonshire. It’s Walk 183 around Hinton in the Hedges & it’s live on here now!

3rd February 2022: There’s a new walk under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab this evening. It’s Walk 162 & is a 12 mile circular walk between the two lakes of Milton Keynes

28th January 2022: Our 182nd Walk in Northamptonshire is now on this website. Hello beautiful Barnwell

21st January 2022: Our February Group Walks Schedule is now open for booking by emailing northamptonshirewalks@btinternet.com Places limited

20th January 2022: Our second new walk of the day is now also live. It’s Walk 181 & it’s our look at the wonderful Daventry Country Park

20th January 2022: A couple of weeks ago I popped over the County border & had a look at the Huntingdon Town Trail (plus a fab lunch at The George). It’s well worth a trip, especially in the spring when the  riverside walks will be fab. It’s Walk 161 under the tab ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire

January 2022: If you’re at Rushden Lakes then pop into the wonderful ‘Made in Northamptonshire’ store who’ve kindly agreed to stock our 2022 Charity Calendars. £5 each, all of which goes to The Frank Foundation Bruno. The store is just to the right of the cinema

15th January 2022: 24 hours until the end of our latest Merch sales. Go to our ‘Merch’ tab to see it all

13th January 2022: Life appears to be moving too quickly. Today I stopped…sat on this bench at Daventry Country Park & ate a bacon & egg bap. Life was good 🙂

7th January 2022: Loved our dawn walk with BBC Northampton around Sywell Reservoir yesterday. Fabulous scenery & confirmation of why we do what we do. Click on this link to listen

8th January 2022: There’s a brand new Northamptonshire Walk on the website this evening. It’s Walk 180 covering Stanion, Geddington Chase & Brigstock

5th January 2022: A few weeks ago we visited beautiful Ashridge Forest. It’s stunning, with lots of walking routes & many of the main ones are busy. We chose a short route that uses mainly small paths where you may not see anyone else. It’s Walk 160 under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab

1st January 2022: Happy New Year to everyone! Hope you had an amazing Xmas & are now looking forward to another fantastic year of walking. It’s very muddy out there at the moment so please be careful. If you’re looking we haven’t announced our January Group Walks yet as life’s been a bit busy. It will be a fairly short programme this month.
2021 was an incredible year for Northamptonshire Walks & I’ve done a summary of it. You can see this by clicking on the link below:


24th December 2021: A very Happy Xmas to all our followers & thank you so much for all you support during 2021

19th December 2021: Today we led a group of 85 people on a crazy Xmas Hats Walk around Pitsford Water. What an amazing morning

11th December 2021: What another amazing week it’s been…Leading a walk around Northampton’s Shoe Quarter for a Ladies’ Wellness Group; an appearance on ITV for an article about the importance of walking though the shorter winter days; the start of sending out our charity calendars & this week the fleeces, hoodies & polos will be going out

1st December 2021: Welcome to “official” winter. Last night we were featured on BBC Look East. How fab was that. Click on the link below & scroll forward to 19:25 to watch


27th November 2021: Our new full length zip Northamptonshire Walks fleeces are now available see the Merchandise section on here

25th November 2021: What a stunning day for a Group Walk from Fotheringhay today & what a fab group of people. Sunshine, company & history 🙂

20th November 2021: What a wonderful day I had yesterday at Moulton Literary Festival. Such a terrific event & it was so lovely to meet so many people, plus talk to them about our Group

19th November 2021: Really looking forward to being at Moulton Literary Festival tomorrow from 10am – 4pm. I’m talking about Northamptonshire Walks & 10 books that have influenced my life. Come on down & say “Hi”

18th November 2021: We have some new “Merch”! Northamptonshire Walks mobile phone covers are now available. See the “Merchandise” section of this website for details

11th November 2021: I’ve been conscious I’ve not included Corby town centre in any of my walks so It’s time to address that. Here’s Walk 178 live on the website now!

10th November 2021: Last night I was privileged to talk to Sywell & Overstone WI about Northamptonshire Walks. What a fabulous evening it was

8th November 2021: Just spent a wonderful few days in glorious Wensleydale. So great to see the waterfalls in full flow

5th November 2021: There a brand new Northamptonshire walk on the website! It’s Walk 177 & covers Cottingham, Middleton, East Carlton, Wilbarston & Stoke Albany. It’s 9 miles & it’s fab!

2nd November 2021: People always ask which is my favourite walk? Well this one is always up there because of its stunning lantern church & for the history. It’s the birth place of Richard III & the execution site of Mary Queen of Scots. Today the views from the river & the top of Castle Hill were amazing

1st November 2021: Our November Group Walk dates are listed below. To book please email northamptonshirewalks@btinternet.com

30th October 2021: Blimey October’s almost over & the trees are beginning to put on their amazing autumn show. This week we’ve taken some wonderful people on some great Group Walks. Look out for the November dates coming out tomorrow evening

20th October 2021: There’s a brand new walk on the website this evening. It’s in Northamptonshire & it’s Walk 176, way down in the south-west of the County & starting in Middleton Cheney

17th October 2021: Well it’s been a bit of a full on week & now we’re into some amazing talks. Sooo looking forward to tomorrow’s talk to Northampton Rotary Club

10th October 2021: Gosh that was some day. Diane Gosling reaching her 1000 miles in 2021 target & so many of our lovely group just coming out for a wonderful walk. I’m so proud of them & all this group stands for

6th October 2021: Great morning spent with Diane & Lorna talking on BBC Northampton Breakfast Show about Diane’s story & this Sunday’s event when she’ll complete her 1000th mile on the Mass Walk. To hear the  part interview click on the Media Section & go to BBC Northampton

1st October 2021: Blimey it’s October & we enter Autumn walking with the changing seasons. There’s a brand new Walk in Northamptonshire & it takes in Michael Heseltine’s garden! It’s Walk 175 & it’s “live” on the website now

20th September 2021: On Sunday 10th October at 9.30am we’re holding a mass Group Walk to celebrate Diane Gosling achieving her 1000th mile in 2021. Diane would love as many people as possible to join her & her family on Walk 59 from Kislingbury. It’s a walk that’s great for disability / accessibility too. To book on the walk please email northamptonshirewalks@btinternet.com.
To read Diane’s story click on the following link…

Diane is also raising money for a local, fantastic charity, The Lewis Foundation.

14th September 2021: I’ve been meaning to visit St Albans for a long time & a couple of weeks ago I finally did. See what I thought…it’s Walk 158 under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab

10th September 2021: Do we have fun on our Group Walks? We certainly do…& did today on the amazing Roade & Stoke Bruene Circular Walk 125

8th September 2021: There’s a brand new Northamptonshire Walk on the website now! It’s Walk 174 from Sulgrave & taking in Culworth

4th September 2021: Blimey it’s September already & autumn’s beautiful landscape is starting to unfold. Last weekend’s event at Delapre Abbey was brilliant & I’ve put the new signposted walk on here. It’s Walk 173

28th August 2021: I’m really looking forward to tomorrow morning. Delapre Abbey are opening their new signposted walk in conjunction with Northampton Uni at 10am. There are going to be quite a group of us going along to the opening ceremony & then doing the 3km walk afterwards. Do come & join us if you can – meet at the Common Ground Deli & Cafe at 9.45am

22nd August 2021: What a fabulous week & it’s been so good to get back to the Group Walks. What a great couple, first the ever popular Boughton Walk followed by the classic Woburn Deer & Safari Park. More this week to round off an amazing August

16th August 2021: Yesterday I did a walk around Bury St Edmunds. What a wonderful place & so full of history. Walk coming soon

11th August 2021: A couple of weeks ago I visited Marlow & did a wonderful circular walk out to Hurley Lock & back along the Thames Path. It’s Walk 156 & it’s live now under the “Walks outside Northamptonshire” tab

10th August 2021: There’s a brand new 11.4 mile Northamptonshire Walk on the website this evening. It’s Walk 171 so click on the link & go & explore!

8th August 2021: Our September Group Walks are now available to book. Strictly one Walk per person. Booking by email only to northamptonshirewalks@btinternet.com

7th August 2021: As all our August Group Walks are fully booked, we’ve added 3 new ones. To book email me at northamptonshirewalks@btinternet.com

6th August 2021: Yesterday evening I thought I’d do a different kind of Group Walk based upon the art of local celebrity ‘Binty Bint’ & what a great evening we all had. This will definitely become a winter, hard-surface favourite. Tomorrow it’s full on as we have two Group Walks in one day around the stunning Harringworth Viaduct

31st July 2021: The final Group Walk of July was with an amazing group of people & taking in the Gunpowder Plot in Ashby St Ledgers. So that’s 14 amazing group walks done in the month – every one different & every one wonderful

26th July 2021: A couple of months ago we did a bit of walking near Bradford & visited wonderful Saltaire & Salts Mill. My look at that area is now live. It’s Walk 155 under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab

23rd July 2021: What an 8 days! 7 group walks done, including 1 with BBC Northampton Breakfast Show! All of them were with amazing people. Now for a few days off before ending July with a few more & then into the August programme, which is already almost fully booked. Thank you everyone for your amazing support.

16th July 2021: Over the past few days we’ve done amazing Group Walks from Grendon & Nassington. Tomorrow it’s hilly Everdon & then Boughton follies & ghosts on Sunday. What wonderful people are coming on our walks!

11th July 2021: Today we had an amazing Group Walk from Kings Cliffe. Fab weather, fab walking, fab people

8th July 2021: Another great evening Group Walk from Flore. What lovely people & we just had to walk through the “pointless gate”!

6th July 2021: What an amazing, happy group of people there were on last night’s Harringworth Viaduct Group Walk. Here they all are on beautiful Turtle Bridge

5th July 2021: Fantastic Group walk yesterday around the Boughton follies. Today we’re back to an old favourite, the Harringworth Viaduct

30th June 2021: A few weeks ago I visited Yorkshire & did a fantastic walk which included Escholt, which you’ll probably know better as ‘Emmerdale Farm’. It’s Walk 154 under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab

28th June 2021: There’s a brand new walk (just) outside the County border from Barnack. It’s Walk 153 & it’s fab!

27th June 2021: Amazing day yesterday running two sessions at Jeyes Moongate Garden Summer Event. Fantastic to see so many people & talk to them about Northamptonshire Walks. Brilliantly organised by Jeyes too.

23rd June 2021: What a wonderful two days of Group Walks. Yesterday Walk 6: The Bringtons & today Walk 39: Aynho. Such a lovely group of people

21st June 2021: There’s a brand new 15 mile walk on the website tonight from Tiffield. It’s Walk 170

20th June 2021: Another great Group Walk yesterday, this time Walk 58 The Fotheringhay Circular. What a wonderful time we had

17th June 2021: We had a wonderful Group Walk yesterday doing Walk 64. From the top of Honey Hill we could even see The Malvern Hills, 55 miles away!

12th June 2021: They’re coming thick & fast now! Walk 169 is now live, an 11 mile circular taking in Brixworth & Holcot

11th June 2021: There’s another new Northamptonshire Walk on the website today. It’s Walk 168 & it takes in Bozeat & Strixton

10th June 2021: Our revised June & July Group Walks schedule is below. To book please email northamptonshirewalks@btinternet.com

8th June 2021: A few weeks ago I contacted the Brixworth History Society to get their blessing to use a local publication as the basis for my look at the village. They were kind enough to agree & it’s now live on here. It’s Walk 167 & it’s a fab village

30th May 2021: Gosh what a week it’s been & finally we have some warm, sunny weather. This week we had our first two Group Walks & what a fab time was had by both groups. Such lovely people! This week I’m really looking forward to going back to Yorkshire to redo wonderful Railway Children Walk plus maybe one taking in the original Emmerdale Village

24th May 2021: We’ve released our Group Walk dates for June. Places are limited to 20 people & one date per person. The Boughton & Fotheringhay Walks have already gone, but should you wish to come along, please email for availability at northamptonshirewalks@btinternet.com

22nd May 2021: Our walk taking in Bradgate Park is now live on the website.

19th May 2021: Now that travel restrictions have been lifted, yesterday I visited wonderful Bradgate Park near Leicester, something I’ve been wanting to do for some time. I honestly cannot recommend it enough & will be posting a walk about it shortly

12th May 2021: I’ve lived in Northamptonshire over 40 years & can’t believe I’ve never visited Daventry Country Park. I need to get a stroll around there on this website asap!

6th May 2021: There’s a brand new Walk in Northamptonshire this evening & it’s a hidden gem! Hilly, peaceful & stunning villages. It’s from Eydon & takes in the hamlet of West Farndon. It’s Walk 166

3rd May 2021: This time last year it was 24 degrees…today it’s 9 degrees, raining & very windy! The amazing news though is so far this year this website has passed half a million views. Thank you for your amazing support!

29th April 2021: There’s two new additions to the Long Distance Walks Sections of the website this evening. Firstly Section 7 of the Jurassic Way. And Section 4 of the Nene Way

23rd April: Very excited to be asked to be part of a new project. More details coming Sunday evening

21st April 2021: Our second new walk of the week is now live on the website. It’s Walk 165 from Harpole, taking in Harlestone & Nobottle. And it’s hilly!

20th April: Hasn’t the weather been wonderful for walking the past week! So much so there’s a brand new walk on the website this evening – it’s Walk 164 from Brixworth & around Pitsford

14th April: The PR Company have issued the press releases about us being awarded £1,000 by Taylor Wimpey for what we’ve done to help people during Covid. Am feeling extremely proud & humbled & just want to thank everyone that voted. Click on this link to the Northampton Chronicle & Echo article

7th April: Walk 163: Adstone & Woodend Circular is now live on the website & it’s great!

2nd April: There’s a brand new Northamptonshire Walk on the website this evening. It’s Walk 162 & takes in three stunning hamlets plus the amazing Drayton Estate

2nd April: Happy Easter everyone! Have a great walking weekend!

29th March: There’s a brand new walk on the website. It’s a glorious 16 mile stroll from Roade. It’s Walk 161!

26th March: Fabulous to see ITV Anglia’s article on the Group on TV this evening

25th March: There’s two brand new walks on the website this evening. Walk 159 is a short circular walk from Wilby. Walk 160 is a slightly longer one taking in Quinton, Horton, Hackleton & Piddington

25th March: So happy & humbled to learn that I’ve been awarded the Taylor Wimpey donation for what I’ve done during Covid 19 for Northamptonshire. I cannot thank the people that nominated me enough

23rd March: The hoodie sales have ended for the time being so thank you for all your purchases – they’ll be back in the autumn. I’ve had an amazing two days. Firstly yesterday filming with Anglia TV for a broadcast this Friday & then today a radio chat with Helen Blaby on BBC Northampton. Today is the first anniversary of lockdown. Today I say a personal thank you to everyone that views this website – you are amazing!

17th March: Another great couple of weeks delivering hoodies. This is the last week of their current sale

6th March: There’s two brand new walks on the website this evening under the Walks in Northamptonshire tab. Walk 157 from the interesting hamlet of Hulcote on the Easton Neston Estate & Walk 158, a stroll from Stanwick Village

3rd March: There’s another brand new Northamptonshire Walk on the website tonight. It’s Walk 156 & takes in Chelveston Airfield

1st March: Happy St David’s Day! Some of our members have been walking the Jurassic Way Long Distance Footpath. Stage 6 between Sibbertoft & Braybrooke is now live under The Jurassic Way tab. There ‘s also a brand new Northamptonshire Walk  – it’s Walk 155 

23rd February: Our new Northamptonshire Walks are coming thick & fast now. Here’s Walk 154 from Holcot!!

22nd February: There’s a brand new walk on the website. It’s the Northampton Riverside Meadow Walk 153 & was done by Annie & “Nina”

20th February: What an amazing two days we’ve had delivering hoodies to our wonderful Walkers across Northamptonshire. It’s been an absolute joy to see everyone

14th February: Happy Valentines Day! And what a day to launch our Northamptonshire Walks Lightweight Hoodie. If you’d like more details please email northamptonshirewalks@btinternet.com

2 copy

9th February: There’s another brand new walk on the website & thanks have to go to Richard Parkes for doing the legwork on this one. It’s an almost 9 mile stroll from Quinton, Preston Deanery, Wootton & Grange Park. It’s Walk 152 under the Walks in Northamptonshire tab!

6th February: Although some more wintery weather’s forecast for this week, what a beautiful early spring day it’s been with so many people out walking. So why don’t we put up another brand new walk that we can look forward to when we can all travel to walk – hopefully news coming in a couple of weeks. It’s Walk 150: Clipston Circular

28th January: As I’ve been concentrating on walking from my doorstep, I’ve taken the time to write up some pending walks so they’re ready to do. The first two are around Brackmills Woods Country Park. Walk 148 & Walk 149

I’ve also just put Walk 147 up which is Viv Wilkinson’s hard surface walk from Little Irchester around Wellingborough. It’s fab & you could also tie it into my Wellingborough Town Walk

26th January: This weekend saw our first serious snowfall of the winter which has produced some amazing photos from our Facebook group members. Whilst the paths sleep, we’ve had quizzes & various challenges. The thaw is now beginning & the signs of spring are starting to appear. Looking forward to an exciting day on Friday!

20th January: What a week it’s been. Radio interviews with BBC Northampton, a TV appearance on BBC Look East & another with ITV coming up. Plus today we passed 16,000 members on the Facebook Group. What better way to celebrate than with a brand new walk from Walgrave, done for us by Cari Spokes. It’s Walk 146 under the Walks in Northamptonshire tab

14th January: Another day, another brand new walk to wet your appetites for when we can get out there again. It’s a great one involving a canal from Grafton Regis. It’s Walk 145

13th January: What an amazing day. An early morning of chats with BBC Northampton & then an appearance on BBC Look East TV this evening. And now a brand new walk! It’s Walk 144 Annie & Nina’s Walk

12th January: Hope everyone is keeping well. Keep local & stay safe

4th January: So the new Government guidelines are:

“You must not leave, or be outside of your home except where necessary. You may leave the home to: exercise with your household (or support bubble) or one other person, this should be limited to once a day, and you should not travel outside your local area.
If you do leave home for a permitted reason, you should always stay local in the village, town, or part of the city where you live”

1st January 2021: Happy New Year everyone & here’s to another wonderful year of walking. Stay safe 🙂

Tuesday 29th December: It’s almost time to wish 2020 goodbye &, to be quite honest, I think we’re all going to be pleased about that! There’s always good things to remember though, like lockdown coinciding with some amazing weather that really got everyone out walking. The snow warning for the next few days has been cancelled, which is both good & bad news, depending on whether you like walking in it!

Thursday 24th December: Have a lovely & safe Christmas & thank you for all your support in 2020. Keep safe lovely people

Thursday 17th December: Penny Gasson recently spent a weekend in Burford in the Cotswolds. Some of you said you’d like to see her Walk around that lovely town, so it’s now live on the website. It’s Walk 151 under the Walks outside Northamptonshire tab

Tuesday 15th December: I love it when one of my followers sends me a walk they’ve done. Viv Wilkinson did this one & it’s fab! A circular walk from Ringstead to Denford & including the wonderful Watermill Tea Room. Check out this link

Monday 14th December: Why don’t we try & find a bit of sunshine? In the summer I did a couple of walks on the Isle of Wight. The second one I did is a stunner from Bembridge Windmill, taking in the Coastal Path & Brading Marshes. It’s Walk 150 under the Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab

Wednesday 9th December: There’s a brand new Northamptonshire Walk on the website this evening. It’s Walk 141 from Little Harrowden & taking in Hardwick. It was submitted by Cari Spokes & it’s great!

Monday 7th December: There’s a brand new, mainly hard surface walk on the website tonight. I thought it’s about time a “Northamptonshire Institution” got a mention. It’s Wicksteed Park & it’s Walk 140. Click on this link to go straight to it!

Thursday 3rd December: There’s a fabulous “Caravan Cafe” called “Brew” that’s quickly growing an amazing reputation. So I thought I’d promote them as you can walk to it from 3 start points. They only open on Saturday & Sunday & the first two route are now live on this site – Walk 138 & Walk 139. Go & enjoy!

Monday 30th November: Fancy a little walk around beautiful Moulton? Click on this link. It’s fab

Saturday 28th November: Fancy a village walk around Spratton? You can at this link

Thursday 26th November: Walk 2 has now been updated to include East Hunsbury’s beautiful Pocket Parks


Monday 23rd November: Just updated Walk 38. What a great one that is including beautiful Twywell Hills & Dales

Wednesday 18th November: Have you ever visited our Pinterest site? Be one of the 40,000+ monthly viewers that do Click here

Friday 13th November: A brand new walk is now live on the website! It’s Walk 135 & takes in follies, grottos & Northamptonshire’s most haunted site! Click on this link to go straight to it

Wednesday 11th November: We have a new ‘Walk from my Doorstep” on the website! It’s Selena Ibbott’s from Wymington & it’s great. Check out this link

Monday 9th November: Walk 134 is now live on the website. It’s a 3.5 mile circular walk from Little Harrowden. Click on this link

Wednesday 4th November: Walk 133 is now live! It’s the Rushton & Pipewell Circular!

Tuesday 3rd November: There’s been some amazing autumn photos on the Facebook Group, so if you’re not a member come & join us. I decided to make the Group ‘Private’ this week just to give members a bit more protection. There’s a brand new Northamptonshire Walk coming tomorrow evening & it’s another cracker!

Wednesday 28th October: A little bit late, as it’s been a busy day, but here’s a Brand New Northamptonshire Walk! It’s Walk 132 & it’s the Cottesbrooke to Haselbech Hill Circular! Glorious rolling Northamptonshire countryside & big skies!

Tuesday 27th October: The weather forecast’s not good for the whole of this week so how’s about a Brand New Northamptonshire Walk to cheer us all up! Walk 132 will be here tomorrow evening & it has hills & big skies – in fact it’s fab!

Monday 26th October: There’s a brand new ‘Walk from my Doorstep’ on the website under the tab of the same name. It’s Walk 21 & it’s been submitted by Kathy. It covers the area of Northampton around St Crispins, Marina Park & Old Duston

Friday 23rd October: A brand new Northamptonshire walk is now live on the website. It’s Walk 131 from Everdon – Fawsley – Preston Capes. And…it’s hilly!

Wednesday 21st October: Lots of possible new developments coming! Plus the Everdon Walk will be here Friday evening ready for the weekend!

Friday 16th October: A new Walk, No. 130 is now live on the site. It takes in two fantastic villages & a Tea Room! What’s not to like!!

Wednesday 14th October: I’ve walked around Pitsford Water so many times & now it’s on this website. It’s Walk 129

Tuesday 13th October: Fantastic hilly walk around Everdon, Fawsley & Preston Capes today. That together with walks around Pitsford Reservoir, & Yardley Hastings & Castle Ashby will be on here soon!

Monday 12th October: What a day! First thing this morning I had a great chat with Annabel Amos on BBC Northampton talking about Northamptonshire Walks & selecting my Desert Island Dishes. Then this afternoon another fabulous chat with Tracey Calnan (one of our FB Group) who’s doing an article for the ‘Brixworth Bulletin’ which will be coming out in November.

And tonight a Brand New Northamptonshire Walk! Thanks to Penny Gasson for your hard work. It’s Walk 128 & it’s “live” now

Friday 9th October: Our intrepid ladies next section of their amazing Jurassic Way trek is now live on the website under the tab of the same name. How did they get on? Check it out!

Thursday 8th October: Our recent ‘family’ walk around beautiful ‘Landscape Park’, Painshill in Surrey is now live! It’s Walk 149 under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab

Wednesday 7th October: Amazing walk around Pitsford Water today. The Walk’s coming soon on the website

Monday 5th October: Julia Cory has sent me her ‘Walk from my Doorstep’ which is a lovely circular route from Braybrooke taking in Arthingworth. There’s some stunning countryside around these villages. It’s live under the ‘Walks from my Doorstep’ now & it’s Walk No. 20. Thanks Julia!

Saturday 3rd October: Just finished writing up my visit to Painshill Park in Surrey. Just need to cross-reference & proof & it’ll be here on the web


Friday 2nd October: Check out this link. It basically sums up why I do it….

Wednesday 30th September: Today our Facebook Group passed 4,000 members. What a journey this is becoming

Friday 25th September: A couple of weeks ago I spent a week on the beautiful Isle of Wight. It had been almost 30 years since I’d been there &, in some ways, nothing had changed (in a good way). The pace of life was still slower, it was still as beautiful & the walks were amazingly marked & just as stunning. I did two walks in the week & the first is now on the website- it’s Walk 148 under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab

Thursday 24th September: Tomorrow evening I’ll be putting my first walk from my Isle of Wight visit on the blog. It’s a great stroll

Wednesday 23rd September: It’s looking like Autumn has arrived, but that will hopefully bring another aspect to our walks with an amazing display of colour. Yesterday we took friends on my beautiful Walk 117 around stunning Chipping Warden & Edgcote

Friday 18th September: Today we got quoted in the Daily Telegraph. How good is that!!! Our little blog got quoted in a National Newspaper!!!


Thursday 17th September: Looking forward to taking the good lady out on a walk tomorrow. The weather’s set fair so where shall we go?

Saturday 12th September: Just back from an amazing week in the Isle of Wight. I was last there about 30 years ago & it’s still so beautiful. Two new walks coming soon


Wednesday 9th September: What wonderful weather we’re having for the first week of September. I’ve been out & about walking & looking forward to writing up some new walks shortly. In the meantime, watch out for the next section of our intrepid ladies walk along the Jurassic Way coming this evening!

Wednesday 2nd September: Autumn has arrived & we look forward to the trees putting on their magnificent show. In the meantime, our intrepid Jurassic Way walkers Helen, Sarah, Sally & Ann’s next Section of their epic trek is now live on the website. To see how they got on, go to the Jurassic Way tab on the website & then click on Section 3: Charwelton to Braunston. Go Ladies!

Monday 31st August: The weather forecast was for the coldest August Bank Holiday Monday ever! A bit of PR to stop people heading to the beaches me thinks..In Northamptonshire it was stunning so, on the anniversary of Diana’s death I decided to do my amazing Bringtons & Althorp walk. It never fails…check out this link to see the walk

Friday 28th August: It looks like August is saying goodbye with some rather poor weather & people are saying, in some areas, it’s going to be the coldest August Bank Holiday on record. So instead of shorts, the long walking trousers might be coming out! I’ll be planning some “further afield” walks over the next few days so watch this space. Also coming soon is Ann & her friends’ latest stage of the Jurassic Way. Have a fantastic long weekend people!

Monday 24th August: Really enjoyed a “Make a Difference” chat with Wayne Bavin on BBC Northampton this afternoon. They’ve been so supportive since I started this site. If you want to have a listen click on this link below & scroll forward to 2:22:45

Thursday 20th August: Section 2 of Ann, Sarah, Helen & Alison’s journey along the Jurassic Way path is now on the website. Just click on the Jurassic Way dropdown to see how they got on…

Monday 17th August: So we have something new on the website tonight! One of our walkers, Ann Pugh & her friend have started walking the Jurassic Way long distance path between Banbury & Stamford

The bulk of the path runs through Northamptonshire, so they’ve been keeping an excellent log & I suggested they might like it putting on my site. So…Section 1 between Banbury is live now & more are coming over the next few weeks. Just look for ‘The Jurassic Way’ Heading on the Main Page & click on the drop downs
Go ladies!

Saturday 15th August: Great afternoon spent updating Walk 59 from Kislingbury. Since 2015 Upton Country Park has now been built, plus part of the Nene Way has been closed due to a housing development. All updated now though

Wednesday 12th August: Well what a week it’s been. We’ve had a heatwave!! Many of you have been telling me all about the great walks you’ve been doing & sharing your pictures which have been amazing to see, especially on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/222661047933104/ They’re amazing. Join our Group

Friday 7th August: Have a fantastic weekend people. It’s going to be hot so don’t forget to slip, slop, slap! But get out there & enjoy!

Thursday 6th August: By special request the Piddington Walk, Walk 127 is now live – enjoy!

Wednesday 5th August: Tomorrow night my Piddington walk will be on the blog & it’s a stunner

Sunday 2nd August: Really brilliant to see so many people doing my walks this weekend & really loved seeing all the photos. The photo of the week has to be the sunflowers from Walk 111. Just stunning & so many people have been to see them


Thursday 30th July: What a glorious day it’s been & tomorrow will be very hot so ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’ people if you’re going out & about. A couple of weeks ago I did a circular walk from the stunning (& historical) Grafton Underwood – if you haven’t been there you must! Guess what? It’s live on the blog now & it’s Walk 126 under the ‘Walks in Northamptonshire’ tab

Monday 27th July: You’ve all been doing some amazing walks & sharing them on our social media sites this weekend. So great to see. Plus we’ve now over 1000 members on our Facebook Group. Please come & join us at Northamptonshire Walks

Saturday 25th July: Wild weather – we even had a Tornado!!

Thursday 23rd July: Happy Birthday Mrs A! We normally go to the seaside on her birthday, but today I took her to see the donkeys (checkout our FB page) near beautiful Stoke Bruerne instead!

Wednesday 22nd July: Love receiving your feedback on the walks, even if you go wrong, because that means we need to update bits. Keep the feedback coming as some of them we did seven years ago

Saturday 18th: Richard today finished the Northamptonshire Round. So proud of him & welcome to the “Club”. If you fancy doing this 50 mile challenge click on “The Northamptonshire Round” tab above

Thursday 16th July: One of our “walkers” has put all of our Northamptonshire Walks on an interactive map which is fantastic. Just click on the heading at the top of this page & follow the links. Brilliant & thank you!

Tuesday 14th July: There’s a new walk on the blog tonight! It’s our recent circular 5 mile stroll from Roade & taking in one of our favourite places, Stoke Bruerne. It’s Walk 125 under the ‘Walks in Northamptonshire’ tab , but you can also access it by clicking on this link 

Sunday 12th July: You’ve all been sending us some amazing pictures of your walks this weekend & they are a joy to see. They all show what a beautiful County Northamptonshire is. Keep walking people & keep posting your pictures on our social media pages

Thursday 9th July: Blimey, will this rain ever stop? It’s seriously been interfering with walking this week, but it’s looking like next week will be much better. In the meantime we’ve been writing up a recent walk, which will be on here soon. Plus we’ve also been looking at setting up our own Youtube Channel – coming soon, watch this space!

Sunday 5th July: Well…today we passed 100,000 views on this little blog so far in 2020. I honestly don’t know what to say apart from thank you. You are all just amazing & please keep walking & feeding back to us. All we wanted to do at the start of 2013 was to put Northamptonshire on the map as a beautiful place to visit. I think you’ve done that.  Thank you

Saturday 4th July: Tomorrow this little blog should hit an amazing figure. We can’t believe how it’s grown from a hobby, set up to promote our beautiful Northamptonshire

Friday 3rd July: Gillian’s been out & walking around Kings Cliffe & Blatherwyke today. Remember talking to Helen Blaby on Radio Northampton about that area as it’s so joyous


Wednesday 1st July: Maybe avoid Walk 60 at the moment until I’ve had time to go & check some of the paths in the woods. The forestry commission change things regularly so we’ll try & get out there next week to have a look. Thanks

Tuesday 30th June: New walk done this afternoon. A lovely 5 mile circuit from the village of Roade, taking in beautiful Stoke Bruerne, which never fails to impress. Now to begin writing it up


Sunday 28th June: I’ve loved seeing all your walks on Social Media this week, enjoying the fantastic weather we’ve been having – please keep sending them in. You’ve been exploring the ‘Washlands’, canals, villages, fields, woods & fields of our beautiful County. One person’s even started the 51 mile Northamptonshire Round!!
Some of you have even discovered places you didn’t know were there, & that’s what we always wanted when we set the blog up – show you some hidden gems. Thank you also for your many kind comments & feedback.
Keep walking!

Saturday 20th June: Wow! Where did that week go? It’s been a funny week with lots of welcome rain &, not so welcome, thunderstorms & hail. It’s also the longest day, so walkers we now need to pack in as much as possible. We may have a treat coming for you this week as we may be walking the Wollaston ‘Wobble’

Friday 1th June: Wow what a difference in the weather this week! Next week it’s back up to 30 degrees so shorts & boots at the ready!

Monday 15th June: Last week’s walk from Gretton taking in Kirby Hall is now live on the blog under the ‘Walks in Northamptonshire” tab. It’s Walk 124

Saturday 13th June: We love it when we receive feedback on our walks so thank you! Please also let us know if there’s any changes to be made

Thursday 11th June: Wow it’s been a busy week! Monday we did a 5 mile walk from Gretton that took in beautiful Kirby Hall. Then on Tuesday we re-walked & updated Walk 6 around Great & Little Brington – what a fabulous walk that is. Finally we put together our first copy text for “Northamptonshire Britain’s Best Surprise”. Fantastic times for the blog!

Sunday 7th June: Our 3.5 mile short circular walk from beautiful Charlton is now live on the blog. It’s Walk 123 under the ‘Walks in Northamptonshire’ tab

Saturday 6th June: Popped out to the Bringtons today to update our Walk 6 following feedback from one of our walkers. There were thunderstorms everywhere!


Thursday 4th June: Superb short 3.5 mile walk today from beautiful Charlton, in the south west of the County. All across countryside, didn’t see a soul & with fantastic views across the Cherwell Valley


Tuesday 2nd June: Hello June, Hello Summer! May…we’ve loved you & can we have your warm weather back soon please or our brown tanned legs will fade. Tomorrow it’s time for a walk!

Thursday 28th May: Our latest Northamptonshire walk from Nassington is now live. It’s one to definitely get you “In the Mood”

Wednesday 27th May: Blimey, we’re posting on Facebook & Twitter & forget all about our blog Homepage!! So…tomorrow evening our Glenn Miller walk will be here

Thursday 21st May: The final “Walk from my Doorstep” from the ‘Broughton Bystander’ is now on the blog. It’s Walk 19 under the “Walks from my Doorstep” heading. He’s sent in some great walks & we’re really grateful for his contribution

Wednesday 20th May: Our first true walk after “lockdown” & what a walk it was! An 8 mile circular walk from Nassington in the far east of the County, taking in Kings Cliffe airfield. You’ll visit the exact spot where Major Glenn Miller conducted his band in their last “hanger” concert before going missing

Tuesday 19th May: Really grateful to be able to chat on BBC Northampton during Mental Health Awareness Week about how walking can really help both physically & mentally> to listen click on the link below & scroll forward to 3:14:00

Thursday 14th May: You just can’t keep a good walker down! The ‘Broughton Bystander’s fifth ‘Walk from my Doorstep’ is live on the blog now. It’s Walk 18 under the tab of the same name &, if you love visiting churches, it’s one for you!

Wednesday 13th May: Walk 17 under the ‘Walks from my Doorstep’ tab is now live on the blog. This time we head across to the eastern border of Northamptonshire with Bedfordshire. Zoe & David who live in the lovely village of Wollaston take us on a walk with fantastic views across the Nene Valley & down ancient “roads”. Check it out now!

Sunday 10th May: Yet another ‘Walk from my Doorstep’ is now live! It’s Walk 16 under the tab of the same name & was sent in by the ‘Radical Rambler’ who starts it from his home in Staverton & walks to Badby & its fantastic wood. Excellent!

Saturday 9th May: What a glorious couple of days of warm weather, but sadly that’s all going to change from tomorrow. No worries though as we have another ‘Walk from my Doorstep’ for you! It’s Walk 15 under the tab of the same name & has been sent in by Sue & Kevin. It takes us from the lovely village of Isham across the fields to Pytchley & back, Brilliant!

Wednesday 6th May: We’re grateful for all of you sending in your “Walks from my Doorstep”. Today “The Broughton Bystander” has another fabulous walk – it’s Walk 14 under the “Walks from my Doorstep” tab. Keep them coming!

Saturday 2nd May: The third ‘Walk from my Doorstep’ from ‘The Broughton Bystander’ is now live under the tab of the same name. And…it’s  little bit different including a mystery path!

One of our original followers from 6 years ago, Jean Edwards also explored the spring / early summer colours around Abington Park so we’ve popped her pictures on the blog too!

Friday 1st May: Happy May Day people!! Have a look at Walk 121 which is a short circular we did before lockdown. It’s rather fab!

Thursday 30th April: The second of The Broughton Bystander’s “Walks from my Doorstep” is on the blog now. It’s Walk 10 under the tab of the same name

Wednesday 29th April: One of our followers, Kathryn Baird, was recently walking around her churchyard in beautiful Warmington & couldn’t believe the amazing birdsong. So she recorded it & put it to some pictures of the churchyard so we could all enjoy it. It’s well worth a listen & is Walk 9 under the “Walks from my Doorstep” tab

Tuesday 28th April: We’ve been sent six wonderful “Walks from my Doorstep” by a fellow walker called ‘The Broughton Bystander’ which he’s kindly allowed us to place on the blog under that tab. The first is now there (Walk 8) & we’ll put the others on every couple of days. They’re great so check them out!

Monday 27th April: Walk 7 under our ‘Walks from my Doorstep’ is now live on the blog. It’s from Pete, his family & Poppy the dog, & takes in the fabulous Pocket Parks of East Hunsbury. Check it out now!

Tuesday 21st April: We had a great chat with Bernie Keith on BBC Northampton this morning. Check out their BBC Sounds Catch Up page & scroll forward to about 17mins 30secs to listen.
Also our latest “Walk from my Doorstep” is now live on the blog under that tab – it’s Faith & David’s daily walk around Titchmarsh Nature Reserve & you may even hear a Nightingale sing

Monday 20th April: Our 5th “Walks from my Doorstep” is now live on the blog. It’s a wonderful 14 mile circular walk by Bill Gibbon who used the “lockdown” to undertake a walk that he’s always wanted to do – and it really does start from his doorstep in the beautiful village of Newnham. Check it out under that tab & we’re also going to include it under the main “Northamptonshire Walks” tab. Thanks again Bill!

Saturday 18th April: You lovely people continue to send us your “lockdown” “Walks from my Doorstep” – thank you so much for sharing them. So…our fourth walk is now live on the Blog, sent in by our twitter follower @RebeccaThomas6 around her village, beautiful (& hilly) Long Buckby in the west of our County. It’s ‘Walk 4’ under the “Walks from my Doorstep” tab above

Tuesday 14th April: Our third “Walk from my Doorstep” is now on the blog under the tab of the same name. It’s a stroll around the beautiful beaches & golf course of Lossiemouth, Scotland provided by our friends Alec & Anne Stewart. Just watch out though as there may be a ‘Typhoon’ coming!!

Monday 6th April: Our second “Walk from my Doorstep” is now live on the blog under that above tab. It’s provided by Mark Cook who did it from his house in Duston, Northampton. Thanks Mark! Our next one is slightly further afield in Lossiemouth, Scotland! Keep them coming people & stay local & stay safe

Sunday 5th April: Hope we’re all keeping safe! We’ve come up with a new initiative that fits in with Government guidelines. We’re asking you to send us “Walks from your Doorstep” that you use for exercise. Just send us some photos & a description of your walk & we’ll pop it on the blog!

Saturday 28th March: The Corona virus is, quite rightly, keeping us all indoors at the moment, so we thought we’d reminisce on other walks that we’d done at the same time of the year. Check out our Facebook & twitter pages to see them. Links to these sites are on this page

Monday 23rd March: Stay safe people at this tricky time & follow Government guidelines on staying at home & going for a short, local walk

Wednesday 18th March: Decided to try the hip out on a short 3 mile walk from Blisworth today & made it in just under an hour. Slightly sore at the end, but it’s a start

Thursday 12th March: Good news. Now starting to walk much better so we’ll hopefully be able to start walking again next week

Saturday 7th March: Struggling to walk with a leg injury at the moment which is really frustrating. So spending the time planning more Northamptonshire Walks & also revisiting & updating our early walks from 6 years ago

Sunday 1st March: Spring is officially now here & so is our walk around St Neots. It’s Walk 147 under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab

Friday 28th February: The fields are still too wet & muddy to walk across, & with “Storm Jorge” coming in this weekend, why not try one of our Northamptonshire Village / Town walks. Check out the link below to our Pinterest Board where you’ll find 33 of them!

Sunday 23rd February: Sorry we’ve been a bit quiet over the past week, but we’ve had a fantastic family wedding. Normal service will be resumed this week

Saturday 15th February: Our Silverdale walk is now “live” on the blog under the “Walks outside Northamptonshire” tab

Friday 14th February: Coming tomorrow…our Silverdale walk

Wednesday 12th February: Hurrah! We are finally back online so let’s get writing those walks up!

Monday 10th February: Apologies for the lack of recent posts, but our Mac is currently undergoing repairs & we’re itching to bring you some new walks!

Sunday 2nd February: So it’s already goodbye January as we plunge headlong into a new month & still no sign of snow this year. We’ve just returned from a great windy weekend in Silverdale where we did an amazing walk with the beautiful Toby, Annie & Ollie

Wednesday 29th January: Our walk around the centre of beautiful Stamford is now live on the blog. It’s full of amazing details & it’s Walk 145 under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab

Sunday 26th January: The fields are too wet to get out & about so we’ve concentrated on writing up our look at Stamford. The legwork’s now finished & it’s a case of proofing & cross-referencing so hopefully it’ll be here soon

Saturday 18th January: Just before Xmas we lost our lovely friend Jane Ridnell. Last weekend, friends & family gathered in the Lake District to explore some of her favourite places. We did one of our favourite walks in her honour as she loved Grasmere. So check out our latest Walk 144 under our “Walks outside Northamptonshire” tab to see it in full

Sunday 12th January: Just spent a day in the Lake District. Fancy our walk around Grasmere & Rydal?

FullSizeRender copy

Friday 3rd January 2020: Here we go with a New Year of blogging & the first walk we’ll be doing is one that we should have done a long time ago as it’s a well-known Northamptonshire stroll. It’s the circuit around Pitsford Reservoir

Tuesday 31st December: As we say goodbye to another decade, we’d like to wish all our walking followers a very Happy New Year, & here’s to a fantastic walking 2020!!

Sunday 29th December: Great viewing figures on the blog over the Xmas period so trust everyone’s enjoying our walks…thank you!

Sunday 22nd December: Fabulous way to spend a Sunday evening chatting about our blog on ‘Talk of the Town’ on NLive Radio

Thursday 19th December: So our Padstow town walk is now “live” on the blog. It’s our latest one under the “Walks outside Northamptonshire” tab

Wednesday 18th December: Just finished writing up our walk around Padstow, which will be here tomorrow night. Also we’re being ‘Media Tarts’ again this Sunday, so watch out for more details

Friday 13th December: Blimey it’s been a week of writing up walks & our next one will be around Padstow in Cornwall. Then it’ll be Stamford. There’s so much walking to do

Friday 6th December: Our short stroll near Collyweston in the north-east of the County’s now on the blog. It’s Walk 120

Thursday 5th December: We were lucky to get out & walk a couple of days ago. Firstly a north-east Northamptonshire short stroll near to Collyweston. Then over the border into Lincolnshire to have a look at Stamford’s Town Trail. Both coming soon on the blog

Thursday 28th November: Check out Walk 142 under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab. It’s our great stroll around Boscastle & the Valency Valley

Wednesday 27th November: The next walk from our Cornwall break will be on the blog tomorrow evening. It’s a lovely stroll around Boscastle & the Valency Valley, including a stunning hidden church

Thursday 21st November: Can’t believe the way our Pinterest Boards have taken off. Another milestone hit today. Check them out at https://www.pinterest.co.uk/davea5kew/
There’ll be another major milestone  hit either today or tomorrow – watch this space!


Sunday 17th November: So our Digbeth walk looking at some of the incredible street art’s now ‘live’ on the blog. It’s Walk 141 under the ‘Walks Outside Northamptonshire’ tab

Saturday 16th November: A couple of weeks ago we did the Digbeth (Birmingham) Art Trail around the area where the real Peaky Blinders once ruled the roost. It’ll be here on the blog tomorrow evening

Thursday 14th November: Amazing to see the BBC Children in Need “Rickshaw Challenge” come through our beautiful County today

Wednesday 13th November: The Children in Need Rickshaw Challenge is coming through Northamptonshire tomorrow – come out & support if you can

Saturday 9th November: Our fantastic London walk from Tower Hill to Canary Wharf is now live on the blog – Walk 140 under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ walk

Friday 8th November: So much rain across the whole country this week, so we’ve been concentrating on writing some of our walks up & building our Pinterest Board. Coming tomorrow though, our amazing walk in London from Tower Hill to Canary Wharf

Saturday 2nd November: It’s the start of another month & boy do we have some amazing walks coming for you on the blog. Are you a fan of Lord of the Rings & want to see Gandalf’s staff? Yes? Well keep following us & we’ll show you how to!


Thursday 31st October: Happy Halloween people!

Sunday 27th October: The second of our Cornwall walks is now on the blog. It’s a cracking short walk that takes in Tintagel, its stunning castle ruins & coastline. It’s Walk 139 under the “Walks outside Northamptonshire”

Wednesday 23rd October: Did you know that our walks plus lots of additional information are on our fantastic Pinterest Boards. If you never visited them, click on the link below & let us know what you think..

Sunday 20th October: Our stroll around stunning Polperro is now live on the blog. It’s Walk 138 under the “Walks outside Northamptonshire” tab

Thursday 17th October: For our next walk we head back down to our recently holiday in Cornwall, where we visit one of our favourite villages…Polperro. Coming soon on the blog


Wednesday 16th October: It’s not often we publish a mid-week walk, but when you’ve seen “the most dangerous path in the UK” why wait? Check out Walk 137 under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab which covers ‘The Broomway’, an ancient way. Don’t forget to watch the video included in the walk

Monday 14th October: A few weeks ago we did a circular walk with friends from beautiful Curry Rivel in Somerset to the Burton Pynsent Monument. What did we think? Check out this superb short walk as it’s ‘live’ on the blog now…Walk 136 under the “Walks outside Northamptonshire” tab


Sunday 13th October: It’s been a really busy walking week, with a great London walk, followed by a “dangerous” walk near Southend on Sea today. Tomorrow evening we’ll be publishing our Somerset walk covering the Burton Pynsent Monument

Wednesday 9th October: Tomorrow we’re heading to London to walk from Tower Hill to Canary Wharf. Some fabulous history along this stretch of the Thames & we’re looking forward to exploring it

Friday 4th October: A couple of weeks ago we were lucky to explore a small part of the beautiful county of Somerset & do a couple of short walks. The first of these, looking at Tarr Steps is now live on the blog. It’s Walk 135 under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab

Wednesday 2nd October: We saw a report saying it could be the first frost of the season tonight so is it time to put the shorts away & get the long walking trousers out?

Friday 27th September: As promised below, our Walk 119 looking at the Lyveden Way is now live on the blog

Wednesday 25th September: Where has all this rain come from? It looks like Autumn has definitely arrived! Still it gives us time to write up some of our walks & hopefully our take on the Lyveden Way should be here on Friday. It’s a good one!

Saturday 21st September: The blog’s been a bit quiet, but that’s because we’ve been walking in Somerset & Cornwall & have many walks to bring you over the coming weeks. Watch this space!

Thursday 12th September: The short walk we did the other day from Lamport is now on the blog. It’s Walk 118 under the “Walks in Northamptonshire” tab

Tuesday 10th September: We had a great walk around Lamport & Hanging Houghton yesterday, but it was plain from the hedgerows that autumn is here


Thursday 5th September: Check out Walk 134 under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab. It’s our look at the lovely town of Henley on Thames

Wednesday 4th September: Autumn is now beginning to creep in, which is our favourite walking season. Coming tomorrow evening is our short town walk round Henley on Thames. If the weather’s good we may be doing a short walk round Hanging Houghton later this week

Monday 26th August: What a beautiful Bank Holiday it’s been & we’ve managed to walk the Lyveden Way, which we’ll bring you soon. We also headed to the far south west of the County for a short, but stunning walk around Chipping Warden & Edgcote. It’s live on the blog now – Walk 117 under the ‘Northamptonshire Walks’ tab

Thursday 15th August: A day late, but our fabulous walk from Turville is now live on the blog – Walk 133 under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab


Tuesday 13th August: Coming tomorrow…our fabulous walk in ‘The Vicar of Dibley’ countryside

Sunday 11th August: Apologies for the lack of blog posts recently, but we’ve been away walking in South Wales as those of you who follow us on Facebook & Twitter will have seen. If you don’t follow us, then click on the links on this page which will take you to our sites – it’s the best way to get up to date information. Plenty of writing up to do, plus continuing to upload all our walks on Pinterest

Thursday 1st August: Blimey…it’s August already, where is the year going? A month ago we visited the beautiful city of Bologna (the red, the learned & the fat – we loved the “fat” bit!). See what we thought of this amazing place. Our walk’s now live on the blog – Walk 132 under the ‘Walks Outside’ tab

Wednesday 31st July: Great couple of days in the Chilterns. Watch out for our walks coming soon…


Monday 29th July: We’re spending the next couple of days around the Henley on Thames area & notice they have a very interesting town walk, which we may have to try. If the weather holds, we may also do one of our favourite walks from the beautiful village of Turville, better known as ‘Dibley’ in ‘The Vicar of Dibley’

Friday 19th July: Looking forward to a great weekend in London & taking Mrs WWAW on another of our great walks

Sunday 14th July: We recently spent some time in the Reggio Emilia area of Italy & visited beautiful Ravenna, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to see the incredible mosaics. Check out the walk we did & what we saw. It’s Walk 131 on the ‘Outside Northamptonshire’ tab

Wednesday 11th July: Tomorrow we’re taking our Swedish friend on one of our favourite walks from the Trout in Wolvercote into Oxford & then back via The Perch for dinner. Check it out under Walk 44 on the ‘Outside’ tab

Thursday 4th July: Want to come for our shortest walk ever…25 steps, yet learn about some of our greatest historical figures? It’s on this blog now

Thursday 4th July: Happy Independency Day! If you want to find out more about how USA became independent then have a look at our walk around Sulgrave – Walk 26

Tuesday 2nd July: Blimey, we’re halfway through another walking year already! Where did that go?

Monday 24th June: The final walk from our “Down Under” trip is now on the blog under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab. It’s Walk 130 & is around Rotorua in New Zealand’s North Island

Saturday 22nd June: It’s all the way downhill to Xmas now so we trust you’ve got the sprouts on so they’re not like bullets 😉

Monday 17th June: Today was the annual Rowell Proclamation. Check out out Rothwell walk – Walk No.24

Friday 14th June: Want to come for a walk around Chester? It’s live on the blog now under the ‘Outside’ tab

Thursday 13th June: Will the rain ever stop? The fields are too wet to walk at the moment so we had a stroll around our county town. It’s got one one of the oldest & largest Market Squares in England & is fab!


Wednesday 5th June: Our next walk from our Australian trip’s now on the blog under the “Outside” tab. It’s our look at lovely Cairns – Walk 128

Sunday 2nd June: Fabulous 4 mile walk around Chester today, including the city walls, the river, the canal & the racecourse

DSC02527 copy

Friday 31st May: Today we had the privilege of visiting Brampton Valley Way Outdoor Classroom. Looking forward to being part of their first Open Day on 15th June

Wednesday 29th May: Last week we did a circular walk from Welford. Northamptonshire was looking lovely in the sunshine. It’s live on the blog now – Walk 116


Monday 27th May: Sorry for being a bit quiet, but we’ve been in Italy walking round Bologna, Ravenna & Modena this past 4 days – we do get around you know!

Wednesday 22nd May: Loved our walk in the sunshine today


Tuesday 21st May: So if you’re in the Welford area look out for us tomorrow as we’re doing the 6 mile ‘Reservoir Walk’

Monday 20th May: Sometimes we just wish our town’s & cities would have the same cleanliness & peoples’ respect for property as Australia’s. Our walk round Brisbane’s now on the blog under the ‘Outside’ tab now ‘Walk 127’ – it’s a great city!

Wednesday 15th May: So Melbourne…you’re now live on our blog under the ‘Outside’ tab

Tuesday 14th May: Just finished writing up one of our Aussie walks around beautiful Melbourne. Just need to reference it & it’ll be on the ‘Outside’ tab


Sunday 12th May: Loved visiting the Althorp Food Festival with friends today. Met the Earl, visited the house, & loved the food


Thursday 9th May: We recently had a walk in Epping Forest. What did we think? Check it out now. It’s Walk 125 under the ‘Outside Northampton’ tab

Monday 6th May: We’ve been too busy to undertake any new walks this week, but in the evenings have been placing all existing walks on the Pinterest platforms. Check them out…


Sunday 28th April: Our first walk, which you requested from our recent trip’s now live on the blog under Walk 124 under the ‘Outside’ tab…it’s Sydney

Friday 19th April: It’s going to be a lovely Easter weekend, so why not get out & enjoy the bluebells. At this time of year our 8 mile Walk 36 taking in Badby Woods will be looking amazing & you can even stop for tea at Fawsley Hall


Saturday 13th April: It seemed ages since we’d chatted with Helen Blaby on BBC Northampton, so it was good to catch up last Thursday. If you missed our chat, just click on the link below & scroll forward to 36:15 to have a listen


Friday 5th April: We often talk about “Go to places”. Where would yours be? We have many, but we love this one on the Lose Hill To Mam Tor edge

Thursday 4th April: Sorry it’s been a bit of a gap on the blog, but we’ve been on a major 5 week adventure through Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand & Dubai. And guess what…we’ve done some amazing walks to bring you over the coming weeks!

Sunday 24th March: It looks as if spring may be coming back next week to The Shire, which will mean walk planning for 2019 starts in earnest. We also have some very different unusual walks to bring you from the start of April – keep an eye out for those!

Thursday 14th March: Rain rain go away! It is looking better for the weekend though so walking boots at the ready

Saturday 9th March: It’s forecast for another wet & windy weekend so why not take the opportunity to visit one of the Shire’s beautiful Country Homes. Canons Ashby is open this weekend so check them out at http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/canons-ashby

Sunday 24th February: It’s here…Walk 115 under the “Northamptonshire” tab. See what we thought about a lovely, but somewhat challenging, circular walk from Whitfield in the south of the County on the border with Buckinghamshire

Wednesday 20th February: Our short, but interesting, circular walk from Whitfield in the south-west of the County is coming on the blog this Sunday – it makes “interesting reading”

Tuesday 19th February: We’ve started to build a Pinterest Board converting all our walks into “Pins” to promote what we do through another channel. You can access the ‘Board’ by clicking on this link https://www.pinterest.co.uk/davea5kew/boards/

Sunday 17th February: Lovely Northamptonshire afternoon walk by the canal. We are lucky to have these in the County


Saturday 16th February: If you missed our chat with Helen, then click on the link below & scroll forward to about 39.40 to listen again

Friday 15th February: A busy day walking today with our Aussie friends so hopeful of getting our chat with Helen on BBC Radio Northampton on here tomorrow

Wednesday 13th February: Really looking forward to chatting with Helen Blaby on BBC Radio Northampton tomorrow. Catch us about 12.35pm

Monday 11th February: A quick 4 mile walk from Whitfield, near Brackley, this morning. The fields were quite wet, but the sun was out, the birds singing, woodpeckers hammering & some lambs bounding in the fields. Spring is coming!!


Friday 8th February: Our second, longer, walk around Rushden Lakes is now live on the blog..It’s Walk 114


Thursday 7th February: Didn’t realise what a beautiful place Rushden Lakes was to walk around


Sunday 3rd February: Our short look at our neighbour, Market Harborough’s now on the blog – Walk 123 under the ‘Outside’ tab

Saturday 2nd February: Tomorrow we’ll publish our walk just over the border in Market Harborough – we love it & hope you will too

Thursday 31st January: An amazing frosty walk around Rushden Lakes today. Check out the walk soon


Friday 25th January: Well…hopefully the foot issue is being sorted & we should, fingers crossed, be up & running (or at least walking) by the end of next week!

Sunday 20th January: Sir John Betjeman once described Ludlow as “probably the loveliest town in England”. Did we agree? Check out our latest walk around the town. Walk 122 under the ‘Outside Northamptonshire” tab now

Tuesday 15th January: Sometimes you don’t need to venture far from home to enjoy this stunning county. Delapre never disappoints…


Thursday 10th January: As always loved chatting with Helen Blaby on BBC Northampton today – always fun & it always goes too quickly. If you missed us, click on the link below & scroll forward to 39 mins 35 secs. We’ll put up the walk we chatted about later

Friday 4th January: It’s a “Big Birthday” weekend so we’re looking forward to a weekend of theatre, walks & fun in London with the good lady wife. We’re looking forward to showing her St Dunstan in the East Church


Thursday 3rd January: It’s time for our first published walk of 2019!! Unfortunately it’s not in the Shire, but it’s a corker in the East End of London – you must do this one! Catch it as Walk 121 under the ‘Outside Northamptonshire’ tab now


1st January 2019: Well, here we are at the start of another Walking Year & boy…have we some treats in store for you, both in the Shire & outside. Our first published walk of the year will be in London’s East End, but then we have to complete the Nene Way, start the ‘Around the Northamptonshire Boundary Walk’, oh & then walk the ‘Monopoly Board’. In between all of that we have to fit in a massive adventure halfway across the world. It’s gonna be a great adventure that we look forward to sharing with you all…Let’s Walk!

Monday 31st December: An advance Happy New Year to all our readers. 2019’s going to be very exciting with more walks than ever!

Monday 24th December: A very Happy Christmas to all our blog readers!

Saturday 15th December: ‘Freezing rain”…better stay inside & keep warm then!!

Thursday 6th December: As always loved our chat with Blabers today on Radio Northampton. If you missed it click on the link below & scroll forward to 33.55 & listen to Maria by Blondie first!

Wednesday 5th December: A couple of weeks ago we were privileged to be invited to go inside Eton College & also witnessed the St Andrew’s Day, Eton Wall Game. We also took the opportunity to have a look around the town, a place we hadn’t visited for 30 years. Check out walk 120 on the “Outside Northamptonshire” tab now to see what we thought


Friday 30th November: Our look at the western part of the City of London’s now live on the blog – Walk 119 under the ‘Outside’ tab

Thursday 29th November: Hopefully our walk around the western part of the City of London will be on the blog tomorrow

Sunday 25th November: Can’t believe how quickly this year’s disappearing. Hopefully we’ll have a few more days to get the boots on & keep strolling!

Saturday 17th November: We’ve been doing some more walking around London recently, including two covering the City – the first one covering the eastern side is now on the blog (Walk 118 under the ‘outside tab’). We bet you didn’t realise some of things we saw were there – it’s amazing!


Wednesday 14th November: We had an amazing walk around Spittlefields & Whitechapel yesterday. In some streets there’s a mix between the Huguenots & modern day architecture

DSC09364 copy

Saturday 10th November: Not in Northamptonshire, but we’ve always wanted to visit the grey seal colony at Donna Nook, in Lincolnshire, who come right up to the fences in their masses to have their pups in October & December. There were hundreds there today & it’s an amazing place to spend a couple of hours walking around

s8 copy

Thursday 8th November: At northamptonshirewalks.co.uk we had a great chat with Helen Blaby today on BBC Radio Northampton as part of National Stress Awareness week as to how walking can help. If you didn’t hear it then click on the link below & scroll forward to 35.20

Tuesday 6th November: Just started writing up our walk around the eastern part of the City of London. Fab place


Monday 5th November: We loved Shrewsbury. Our walk around the town (No. 117 on the ‘Outside Northamptonshire tab) is now live on the blog. See what you think

Tuesday 30th October: Anyone would think that if you walked the straight line from Trafalgar Square, along the Strand & Fleet Street to St Paul’s Cathedral, you’d probably know it very well – bet you don’t! Check out our latest Walk 116 under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab

Saturday 27th October: Enjoy your extra hour in bed tonight – we will

Friday 26th October: What an amazing, scary Ghost Tour last night with the incredible actors of the Northampton Looking Glass Theatre. Watch out for their future tours

IMG_0913 2

Thursday 25th October: Tonight we going on a guided ‘Ghost Walk’ in Northampton exploring the hidden tunnels etc. Should be fun

Wednesday 24th October: We’ve updated our website address to northamptonshirewalks.co.uk

Tuesday 23rd October: Two great days spent doing town walks in beautiful Shrewsbury & Ludlow. We have lots of writing up to do!!

Wednesday 17th October: Despite the rain we had an amazing day in London yesterday, walking around 15 miles. We keep thinking we know this beautiful city…but we don’t

DSC08991 copy

Sunday 14th October: It’s pouring down in the Shire today so why not check out our latest Walk 112 from Silverstone around beautiful Bucknell Wood

Wednesday 10th October: We enjoyed our monthly chat on BBC Northampton today. If you missed it click on the link below & scroll forward to 36:35 to have a listen. https://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/play/p06lgsqt

Friday 5th October: We loved our latest  London walk round Lambeth & Vauxhall & hope you will too as we feel it’s one of our best write ups. Check it out on the blog now – Walk 115 under the ‘Outside’ tab

Wednesday 3rd October: An excellent walk today starting in Silverstone & then criss-crossing Bucknell Ancient Wood. There were reminders of the village’s association with the Grand Prix everywhere


Tuesday 2nd October: Today the magnificent Silverstone Circuit, home of the British Grand Prix is 70 years old so we thought we’d celebrate by having a walk in that area tomorrow

Monday 1st October: Autumn has definitely arrived & we had a fabulous time at Northamptonshire Day on Sunday. A great day & well done BBC Northampton


Tuesday 25th September: What are you all doing on Sunday 30th September? The only place to be is at Delapre Abbey to join us in celebrating Northamptonshire Day – come along, it’s going to be great

NDay 2

Thursday 20th September: Walk 111 is now on the blog. It was recommended by a twitter follower & starts in Bugbrooke before visiting ‘Nine Churches’ & a tea room. There’s also a reference to Catherine Parr. Check it out now

Monday 17th September: Our latest Northamptonshire walk from Bugbrooke through ‘Nine Churches” & a tea room should be here tomorrow

Wednesday 12th September: Fabulous walking day in London yesterday, especially the morning walk around Lambeth & Vauxhall. As always happy & sad memories of a poor area of the city, but one place we would point you to was St Thomas’ Hospital garden, an amazing calming place amongst the hell of the City. Visit the Florence Nightingale Museum, but the incredible, immense statue of Jamaican Nurse Mary Seacole who also served in the Crimean War will blow you away


Monday 10th September: We’re back in London tomorrow, uncovering some amazing places & facts on two walks. The first one’s in Lambeth & then we move into the central area, looking at the Strand, Embankment, Temple & Fleet Street. Think a visit to Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese might be on the cards!

Wednesday 5th September: Priorities, priorities…we’ve just not been able to get those walking boots on over the last two weeks, but hopeful of addressing this soon. In the meantime we’re writing up the recent Bugbrooke / Stowe walk

Monday 27th August: Last week we did a fabulous 7.5 mile walk from Bugbrooke along the Grand Union Canal & then up through the Stowes, stopping at fabulous The Barn Tea Room along the way. Coming soon on the blog


Saturday 18th August: Just back from a week’s holiday in Moscow & St Petersburg. What fabulous cities & lovely welcoming people

Thursday 9th August: Our latest ‘Four Church’ walk is now on the blog. It’s Walk 110 & is classic Northamptonshire open field walking between some great villages


Tuesday 7th August: Really enjoyed chatting on BBC Northampton today with John Rose when we covered the very first walk on the blog from Castle Ashby. If you missed it, click on the link below & scroll forward to 1:11:40 to have a listen

Wednesday 1st August: The start of another walking month & just a word of thanks from us as July was our best month ever for views & visitors – we achieved 1900 views!! It would be great to pass the 2000 mark in August

Tuesday 31st July: Had a fabulous weekend in Perthshire & made a special visit to the Kelpies which never fail to impress


Thursday 26th July: Temperatures have been hitting 30 degrees all this week in The Shire & it’s been far too hot to walk. So maybe just chill beside our beautiful canal network


Thursday 19th July: Today we did the ‘Four Church’ Walk taking in churches in Gayton, Tiffield, Cold Higham & Pattishall. They said it was 7 miles…it was 10, very hot & the last mile was uphill!! Very enjoyable though

Wednesday 18th July: We recently did a walk we shouldn’t have done! It was around Hollowell Reservoir & we took it from a book about walks by water in the Shire first published in 2000. We should have known as the car park’s now derelict & Anglian Water say you have to visit the Lodge at Pitsford Reservoir to buy a permit to walk round it these days. Ah…what the heck…our Walk 109 around our most beautiful reservoir, Hollowell is now on the blog

Thursday 12th July: If you missed our latest chat on Radio Northampton, click on the link below & scroll forward to 1:14:35

Monday 9th July: Looking forward to our monthly walking chat on BBC Radio Northampton tomorrow. Blabers is on hols so will be chatting to Connor Phillips around 1.05pm. Have a listen

Friday 6th July: After listening to Helen Blaby’s interview about the Battle of Naseby, we realised we’ve never included it in any of our walks. Looking at Ordnance Survey maps, we realised that there are virtually no footpaths or bridleways in that area, so we had to stick to hard paths & country roads. It’s ‘live’ on the blog now – Walk 108

Thursday 5th July: Fancy a look at our Naseby walk including a visit to the Battlefield? Here tomorrow evening

Thursday 28th June: The walk that we did around beautiful Sherwood Forest a couple of months ago is now on the blog under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab – Walk 114


Tuesday 26th June: Fabulous & very hot walk around beautiful Hollowell reservoir today

IMG_7908 copy

Thursday 21st June: So our Walk 107 around Delapre Abbey is now live on the blog. What did we think? Well £millions have been spent on the house, but the inner garden is now a complete mess

Wednesday 20th June: Hopefully tomorrow evening our walk around the inner gardens of our beautiful Delapre Park will be here on the blog


Monday 18th June: A month or so ago we spent a couple of days working in a place called Tenbury Wells. What a beautiful town it is & our short walk around the town is now live on the blog under the ‘Outside Tab’

Sunday 17th June: Gutted that the Charles Rennie Mackintosh School of Arts with its connections to our Shire has been destroyed by fire for a second time – hope they can rebuild & refurbish

Friday 15th June: 373 years ago the most important battle of the English Civil War took place in our Shire near Naseby. Today we visited the village & battlefield & heard some amazing stories…coming soon on the blog

Battlefield copy

Wednesday 13th June: Today we walked round the inner grounds of Delapre Abbey. There were times we though we were being watched?

Tuesday 12th June: As always, really enjoyed chatting with Helen Blaby on BBC Northampton today. If you missed it click on the link below & scroll forward to 1:12:05 to hear about about Walk 51 that includes part of the Silverstone circuit

Thursday 7th June: Phew…this walk’s taken some writing up, but finally our stroll around The Land of Green Ginger is live on the blog under the ‘Outside Tab’. Loved it!


Friday 1st June: It’s summer! We’re just back from a few days on the French Riviera & even did a couple of walks – one around historical Nice & the other we couldn’t resist – guess where?


Friday 25th May: We might be going ‘International” walking next week! Watch this space!!

Monday 21st May: On Saturday evening not only did we have a look at the famous Clondalkin Round Tower, but also had a look at what else can be found in this small village. Our findings are on the blog now – Walk 111 under the ‘Outside’ tab

Saturday 19th May: Beautiful morning here in Clondalkin, but it’s work again for us. This evening though we may have a wander down to have a look at the town’s famous round tower

Wednesday 16th May: Tomorrow work takes us across the Irish Sea for 7 days in Clondalkin. Anyone recommend any good walks?

Tuesday 15th May: If you missed us on BBC Northampton today then click on the link below & scroll forward to 1:12:15 & have a listen. Anyho’s a fabulous village


Monday 14th May: Listen in to BBC Northampton tomorrow around 1:05pm to hear us chatting walking in Northamptonshire with Helen. Also listen in around 8am to hear the Forestry Commision’s view on why they’ve closed the Salcey Forest Tree Top Walk


Sunday 13th May: Great to be back in the Shire for a couple of days & looking forward chatting about an apricot walk in the south of the County on BBC Northampton about 1:05pm on Tuesday. Tune in for a listen!


Saturday 12th May: As promised, the Creswell Crags walk is now live on the blog – Walk 110 under the ‘Outside Northamptonshire’ tab

Friday 11th May: Tomorrow evening we’ll bring you our walk which includes Creswell Crags, the amazing limestone gorge & the cliffs in the ravine containing several caves that were occupied during the last ice age, between around 43,000 & 10,000 years ago. However there’s much more to this walk as it also touches one of the worst coal mining disasters

Wednesday 9th May: Our recent stroll round the centre of Birmingham is now live on the blog – Walk 109 under the ‘Walks outside’ tab


Monday 7th May: Back up in Worksop for another 6 days & hoping to do an evening walk round Clumber Park & maybe a look at the Worksop Trail too

Saturday 5th May: Finally back in the Shire this evening for a couple of days (sadly no time for walking) before heading back to Yorkshire for another week. Hoping to do a walk round Clumber Park

Thursday 3rd May: Our latest walk around the history, culture & food markets of Palermo is now on the blog – Walk 108 under the ‘Outside’tab

Monday 30th April: Terrific 6 mile walk in & around Sherwood Forest today & the promised rain didn’t arrive. Forgot exactly how big those oak trees are!

DSC07169 copy

Sunday 29th April: Walked round Creswell Crags tonight. What a beautiful & calming place


Thursday 26th April: We’re working around the Worksop area for the next couple of weeks, so are looking for some short walks to do in the evenings (if the weather’s ok). We have Sherwood Forest, Creswell Crags & Clumber Park in  mind, but would welcome some recommendations

Tuesday 24th April: Go spend a few days exploring Hull they said…Hull?? The last time we went there was as a 12 year old kid & on that day bought our first single “Devil’s Answer” by Atomic Rooster. On that day we caught the ferry from New Holland. This weekend we crossed via the Humber Bridge & what an amazing city we found. Great museums, art galleries & superb historical pubs. Plus we met Keith…our guide for a walk round the sights

Friday 20th April: Stage 3 of our walk along the Nene Way is now on the blog under the ‘Nene Way’ tab


Thursday 19th April: The third stage of our walk along the Nene Way between Cogenhoe & Irthlingborough will be on the blog tomorrow evening

Tuesday 17th April: Really loved our chat with Helen Blaby on BBC Northampton today & the Oundle water meadow walk is stunning. If you missed our chat click on the link below & scroll forward to 1:11:20

Monday 16th April: It’s our monthly walking slot on BBC Northampton tomorrow. Tune in around 1.05pm to have a listen. We’ll also post a link to the ‘Listen again’

Saturday 14th April: We’ve been escaping the Northamptonshire rain by spending four days in beautiful Palermo. What a fascinating city & we’ve done a great walk to bring you. Loved the graffiti too…

DSC06575 copy

Friday 6th April: Excellent walk round the centre of Birmingham today including a first visit to the incredible food & rag markets. It’s such a diverse city to walk in & we’ll bring you our take on it over the next few weeks


Tuesday April 3rd: Welcome to Spring 2018, but at the moment it seems like the fields are awash with water. Worry not though as we always walk to the seasons & the summer will soon be with us

Thursday 29th March: On the 29th July last year we decided to do something a little different to celebrate our 100th walk outside of The Shire. So we walked the 21 miles that is the overground route of London’s Circle Line in one day. What a fab walk it is taking in so many of the Capital’s sights. Check it out now…Walk 100 under the ‘Outside’ tab

Saturday 24th March: Yesterday we completed the 13.8 stretch of the Nene Way between Cogenhoe & Irthlingborough – some really beautiful walking, but feeling a bit sore today!

IMG_5943 copy

Wednesday 21st March: Well that’s work finished for a couple of weeks so now it’s time for a bit of Shire walking. Hoping to complete the next stage of the Nene Way between Cogenhoe & Irthlingborough on Friday

Wednesday 14th March: Really enjoyed chatting with Helen on BBC Northampton yesterday. If you missed us, click on the link below & scroll forward to about 1:9:40 where you can catch us for the next month https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05yp4hy

Monday 12th March: Tune into BBC Northampton tomorrow about 1.05pm to hear us chatting about all things walking in Northamptonshire with Helen Blaby. This month we’re heading north in The Shire for a stroll around the amazing Harringworth viaduct

Wednesday 7th March: ‘The Wait’ is over! Our look at St Ives in Cambridgeshire (Walk 107 under the ‘Outside’ tab) is now live on the blog!

Tuesday 6th March: Work is keeping us away from walking in the Shire, but it’s given us the opportunity to write up our look at St Ives. Hopefully our thoughts will be on the blog tomorrow evening

Thursday 1st March: We just wanted to say a massive thank you to all our followers, viewers etc who have made this blog what it is today. February was our best ever views month so keep on viewing & recommending us to all your friends & we’ll keep bringing you some amazing walks

Tuesday 27th February: Our, slightly out of the Shire walk around Abergavenny is now live on the blog so if you need a new wig…


Sunday 25th February: Working in St Ives, Cambridgeshire this week we took the opportunity to have a look at the town – what a lovely place it is, so we’ll definitely be returning to do the historical walk
BlogSunday 18th February: Our friends recently did our London Walk 87 around Covent Garden & Seven Dials. They’ve given us some great updates which we’ve built into the blog, including a visit to Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Maiden Lane. It’s currently coming to the end of a major renovation which is being overseen by Father Alan Robinson who hails from our own Earls Barton…what a small world!

Tuesday 13th February: The walk we did last week, starting from beautiful Welton & visiting the quiet Leicestershire Arm of the Grand Union canal is now on our Blog – Walk 106. It’s well worth a short stroll with refreshments en route

Sunday 11th February: We’ve been working away in Abergavenny this weekend & took time out to visit the amazing Big Pit, descending 90 metres below ground to walk to the coal face accompanied by an old miner. Superb free experience & well worth a visit if you’re in South Wales

Big Pit

Thursday 8th February: Yesterday we did a brand new walk from Welton. It was a fabulous clear, crisp day & there was ice on the beautiful stretch of the Leicester Branch of the Grand Union Canal


Tuesday 6th February: Loved chatting about our walk through Oxendon Tunnel with Helen Blaby at BBC Radio Northampton today – ps. Don’t forget to take a torch!


Wednesday 31st January: Our historical walk round Burnley’s now on the blog under the ‘Outside’ tab

Friday 26th January: It continues to rain daily here in Burnley, but we did manage a walk around the fascinating historic parts of the town. Hammerton Street & the old Co-op buildings is a place where you can really feel the hustle & bustle in the days of the cotton famine


Saturday 20th January: Unfortunately since we arrived in Burnley it’s been nothing other than snow & rain & you can hardly see Pendle Hill, let alone walk up it – frustrating

Sunday 14th January: We’re working up in Burnley for the next 3 weeks & looking forward to see the Singing Ringing Tree

Thursday 11th January: Our latest short walk from Greatworth in our fabulous Shire is now live on our blog

Tuesday 9th January: If you’ve never seen them then go & see the five new statues of historical figures with a strong connection to Northampton that are now in the Guildhall courtyard. Sit down next to one & admire your surroundings…

They are:
1. Nobel Prize winner, Francis Crick who was educated at the Northampton Town & County Grammar School & went on to co-discover the DNA
2. Walter Tull, who joined Northampton Town Football Club in 1911 before becoming the first black officer to lead white British soldiers in battle during WWI
3. Malcolm Arnold who made his name as one of the most well known composers in Britain, writing the score for the film “The Bridge over the River Kwai”
4. Edgar Mobbs, a Saints player who raised his own company of sportsmen for the Northamptonshire Regiment after initially being turned down as too old to join the army. He was killed in action in July 1917
5. Poet John Clare


Tuesday 2nd January: So here we are looking forward to another year of superb walking in our beautiful Shire. Our next published walk will be from the small village of Greatworth in the south of the County

2018 – Happy New Year

Saturday 30th December: Nothing like a family walk

Friday 29th December: This afternoon’s walk round the Brockhall Estate was simply beautiful

Brockhall 2

Thursday 28th December: Not a bad place to start or finish a walk


Sunday 24th December: A very Merry Christmas to all our walking friends

Friday 22nd December: We had a great 3 mile walk round Greatworth today although had a slight accident with a slippery stile! The walk we did around Wigan is now on the blog – Walk 104 under the ‘Outside’ tab

Thursday 21st December: It’s the shortest day & that can only mean one thing – Summer’s coming!!

Wednesday 13th December: Really enjoyed our chat with Helen Blaby on BBC Northampton today when we talked about walking round beautiful Summer Leys – see Walks 22 & 71. If you didn’t hear it click on the link below & scroll forward to 1:13:00


Monday 11th December: Our latest overseas walk around some of the lesser known parts of Cape Town which we did earlier this year is now on the blog under the ‘Walks Outside’ tab

Tuesday 5th December: Our next walk takes us outside The Shire somewhat! It’s around the beautiful Bo Kaap & historical areas of Cape Town which we visited this summer


Friday 1st December: Another fabulous 1000+ month of visitors & views on the blog. Thank you to each & everyone of you. Keep spreading the word & we’ll keep on walking!

Stats copy

Thursday 30th November: Our recent short afternoon stroll near Maidwell is now on the blog – Walk 104

Tuesday 28th November: The joys of working away from The Shire mean we get to look at different County’s walks. Here’s our look at the Cambridge Art Trail – Walk 102 under the ‘Outside’ tab

Monday 27th November: We’re working up in Wigan this week & looking forward to trying their Heritage Trail which includes a visit to Wigan Pier

Monday 20th November: Superb long weekend in Amsterdam & did the excellent free walking tour with Freedam Tours. Another “international” one for the blog!
Walking tour copy

Wednesday 15th November: Our Walk 103 round Harrington is now live on the blog

Friday 10th November: Our second walk in South Africa’s now on the blog under Walk 102 in the ‘Outside’ tab


Thursday 9th November: A superb couple of short walks today from Harrington & Maidwell. Lovely autumn colours in Harrington churchyard

H1 copy

Tuesday 7th November: Really enjoyed chatting with Helen Blaby at BBC Radio Northampton today. If you missed us click on the link & scroll forward to 1:11:19 to have a listen http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05k5b11

Monday 6th November: Really looking forward to chatting walking with Helen Blaby on BBC Northampton tomorrow. Catch us around 1.05pm

Thursday 2nd November: If you’re a ‘tweeter’ don’t forget to follow us @northantswalks

Tuesday 31st October: Happy Halloween to all our walking friends! Really looking forward to meeting an old friend near the ‘Left Lion’ tomorrow evening for a walk around historical Nottingham

Friday 27th October: Great to finally be back in The Shire tonight. However a little walk we did on our South African trip a few weeks ago is now on the blog – Walk 99 under the ‘Outside’ tab


Thursday 26th October: Our walk round the stunning village of Thorpeness is now live on the blog. Walk 98 on the “Outside” tab

Friday 20th October: We’re going to shortly start writing up the first of our 3 walks in South Africa near Storms River. We think the map below might give you an idea of what to expect


Tuesday 17th October: “We’re Ladies you know!!” Our walk round beautiful Southwold is now on the blog – Walk 97 under the “Outside” tab


Sunday 15th October: Getting ready for another trip for work outside The Shire, this time in Manchester & Nottingham. Hopefully we’ll be able to have a look at The Nottingham Trail which takes in some of the sights of the city centre

Wednesday 11th October: We’re still working outside The Shire, but that gives us an opportunity to write up some of the walks we experienced on our travels earlier in the year. One summer’s evening we did the beautiful “Railway Children” walk around Haworth. We can highly recommend it & it’s on the blog now – Walk 96 under the “outside”tab

Thursday 5th October: Our summer’s evening walk around Highgate’s now on the blog – Walk 95 under the “Walks outside Northamptonshire” tab

Thursday 5th October: Beautiful walk around Cambridge last night & discovered some footprints! Wonder who they could belong to??


Friday 29th September: Our Highgate walk is nearly written up. So love the Whittington Stone

Whittington stone

Tuesday 26th September: Really enjoyed our chat on BBC Radio Northampton today. If you missed it click on the link below & scroll forward to 1:10:15 to have a listen


Sunday 24th September: Fancy a figure of 8 walk visiting two of our lovely canal villages? Then have a look at Walk 102 from Yelvertoft to Crick & back which is now live on the blog. Plus you could also combine with our Crick historical village walk

Saturday 23rd September: We’re back from an amazing two weeks in South Africa & even managed a couple of walks out there to bring you. So now it’s back to business as normal – listen out for us on BBC Northampton on Tuesday about 1pm

Monday 4th September: We’re off on our travels so won’t be updating our blog for a couple of weeks

Thursday 31st August: Our recent short walk round the St James’s area of London is now on the blog under the ‘Outside’ tab & what a corker it is!!


Saturday 26th August: Work’s meant that we haven’t been able to get out much over the past week or so, but we’re still writing up our recent explorations which will be coming on the blog soon. Plus we’re preparing for our South African adventure in September!

Wednesday 16th August: This evening we did the fantastic 6 mile Railway Children walk round Haworth, taking in the house, Dr’s House, tunnel, shops etc. Plus of course the wonderful Oakworth Station – they were running steam trains today, but sadly we were too late


Tuesday 15th August: If you missed us on BBC Radio Northampton talking about our Brockhall walk then click on the link below, or copy & paste it into your server, press play & scroll forward to 1:06:30


Tuesday 15th August: Tune into BBC Radio Northampton today about 1.05pm to listen to us chatting to the fab Helen Blaby about our superb walk round Brockhall


Thursday 10th August: Blimey can you believe we just published our 101st walk in Northamptonshire. 101!!!!

Tuesday 8th August: Constant rain in West Yorkshire’s making any walking impossible so maybe next week

Sunday 6th August: Fabulous day at BBC Countryfile Live at Blenheim Palace. Plus we met the people from Bradt travel guides & may have an opportunity to do something

Friday 4th August: Know we’re a Northamptonshire Walks blog, but we do love exploring all this country offers, especially London


Thursday 3rd August: We’re going to be spending quite a bit of time in Bradford over the next couple of weeks. We know the city well so are looking for other places that have short walks. Huddersfield looks really interesting with many different cultural walks

Tuesday 1st August: Our excellent evening walk around Southwark & Bankside in London is now on the blog – Walk 93 under the ‘Outside Tab’

Sunday 30th July: Really enjoyed walking the 17 mile London Circle Line yesterday. So much to see & it really is the best to get to know a city. Here’s our route…


Tuesday 25th July: Fabulous weekend on the Suffolk coast with some excellent little walks. On Saturday we’re down in London taking on the 17 mile Circle Line challenge of visiting all the stations on the Line

Friday 21st July: We’re visiting Suffolk this weekend & hopefully will be able to do some short walks round Southwold, Aldeburgh & Thorpness

Wednesday 19th July: If you missed our chat on BBC Radio Northampton yesterday then click on the link & scroll forward to 1:07:30 http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05702v4#play

We’ve also just published Walk 99 which is inspired by Max the Dog’s morning walk round Collingtree & Milton Malser

Monday 17th July: Our work in London’s almost done & it’ll be good to get back to The Shire. Last night we had a superb walk round Southwark & Borough & came across the incredible & sad Cross Bones Graveyard. More details coming when we write the walk up

DSC09816 copy

Thursday 13th July: We couldn’t do the walk we wanted to in London last night as the Formula 1 teams were in town & many roads were closed. We did however do a superb walk round St James area which will be a great read & is highly recommended

Tuesday 11th July: Work’s taken us down to London again so tomorrow we’re hopeful of a walk round the Strand, Embankment & Fleet Street. In the meantime we’re writing up our Collingtree & Milton Malser two pub stroll

Friday 7th July: Our recent walk “hob-nobbing” round Belgravia & looking for Lord Lucan is now on the Blog under the “Walks outside” tab – check it out…it’s fab!

Thursday 6th July: We’re working down in London this week & did a great little walk round Highgate on Sunday evening. Today it’s been 34 degrees & tonight we’ve had thunderstorms – hope they’re heading towards our allotment in The Shire

Saturday 1st July: Blimey that’s half of 2017 gone already, but when we look back on where we’ve walked then we’ve done a lot! Last week we did a superb figure of 8 walk from Yelvertoft to Crick & back. Then last night we did a circular walk between two great village pubs. Next week work takes us down to North London so we’ll be having a look at Highgate. There’s just so much to see & here’s looking forward to a great second half of 2017

Sunday 25th June: Our latest walk (98) is now on the blog. Starting in beautiful King’s Cliffe, it heads through Fineshade Wood & then down the valley to the stunning hamlet of Blatherwyke to return along the lakes

Wednesday 21st June: Really loved chatting to Helen on BBC Radio Northampton today. The walk we talked about is No.63 on the blog. If you missed it, click on the link below & drag forward to 1:10:35


Tuesday 20th June: We’re back on BBC Radio Northampton tomorrow at roughly 1.05pm talking about our Warkton & Weekly walk

Thursday 15th June: The stroll we did around the village we stayed at in France (La Roche-Canillac is now live – Walk 91 under the ‘Outside’ tab

Wednesday 14th June: Fantastic circular walk today around beautiful Brigstock & then into Fermyn Woods where we had a close encounter with a fox, two Samurai warriors & the Bocase Stone


Friday 9th June: The second stage of the Nene Way is on the blog under the “Nene Way” tab

Tuesday 6th June: Our latest London walk round Marylebone & Paddington, walking in the ‘footsteps’ of Richard Branson is now on the blog. It’s Walk 90 under the ‘Outside’ tab

Sunday 4th June : We’re back from a great week in the Correze area of France & the hamlet we stayed in was so beautiful we thought we’d do a short walk to show you round. That’s coming shortly along with further walks in London & the second part of the Nene Way

Friday 27th May: We’re off to the Dordogne area of France for a week tomorrow so see you when we get back

Wednesday 24th May: Really loved chatting with Helen Blaby on BBC Radio Northampton this afternoon

Thursday 18th May: Our latest walk round the Northampton Washlands is now on the blog. It’s one of the most important places for migrating birds & yet not many people know about it

Tuesday 16th May: Today we walked the second leg of the Nene Way from Kislingbury to Cogenhoe & came across this new mum

C1 copy

Wednesday 10th May: The second of our walks we did when working in South Wales is now ‘live’. Walk 89. It’s a look at Swansea City Centre

Friday 5th May: We had a great day doing two walks in London yesterday. In the morning a 7 mile stroll taking in Little Venice, Marylebone & Paddington. Then in the afternoon a 3 miler around very posh Belgravia. Watch out for them on the blog soon!

Wednesday 3rd May: First 11 mile stage of the Nene Way between Badby & Kislingbury completed today. What was interesting was that we’d walked every inch of today’s route as part of other circular walks. Have to say how well the route was signposted though

Tuesday 2nd May: Did you know Brockhall has an association with the CIA? No…well check out our Walk 96 to find out why

Sunday 30th April: We visited Everdon Stubbs ancient woods today & the bluebells were magnificent

E3 copy

Wednesday 26th April: Really excited to be asked to be part of a monthly walking feature on Helen Blaby’s programme on BBC Radio Northampton. First one on 24th May at 1.05pm

Thursday 20th April: Our recent walk round the Mumbles peninsula is now on the blog under the ‘Outside’ tab


Friday 14th April: Our superb walk round the Covent Garden area of London took some time to write up but it’s Walk 87 under the ‘Outside’ tab now

Friday 7th April: Tonight we sat in total peace & solitude watching the sunset at Three Cliffs Bay. Pure bliss

TC4 copy

Monday 3rd April: Superb walk today on Rhossili Beach. We shared it with some noisy Stonechats

Stonechat 2

Friday 31st March: Our look at the Bradford Heritage Trail’s now ‘live’ – Walk 86 under the ‘Outside’ tab

Monday 27th March: We’re back in Swansea for the next couple of weeks & have just had a stroll round the city centre. Now we have a laptop cable again our fantastic walk around Kings Cross, St Pancras & Camden is now under the ‘Outside’ tab

Wednesday 22nd March: Our blog’s been quiet over the past week as we’re away & have left the laptop cable at home!!

Saturday 11th March: We’ve been walking ‘up North’ this week so took the opportunity to have a look at Bradford’s Heritage Trail. Write up coming soon


Tuesday 7th March: Our latest historical look at Stratford upon Avon is now live! It’s a Walk 84 under our ‘Outside Northamptonshire’ tab

Friday 24th February: Over the next few weeks we’ll hopefully be walking around Bradford, Halifax, Beccles & Port Talbot. Try & spot us!

Wednesday 22nd February: Our latest Northamptonshire walk is here now – just follow the light from the Northamptonshire Lighthouse

Tuesday 21st February: We tried to have an AA walk round Bletchley today, but it was so far out of date it was unbelievable & impossible to do. Come on AA update your walks

Saturday 18th February: Our walk round Mayfair is now live under the ‘Outside’ tab

Thursday 16th February: What a gorgeous local walk today keeping the ‘Northampton Lighthouse’ in view at all times


Wednesday 15th February: Almost finished writing up our Mayfair walk & we may have got to this famous church on time…


Wednesday 8th February: So our 94th Northamptonshire Walk’s now live!

Wednesday 8th February: Plenty of walking over the last couple of days. Firstly a lovely early spring walk round Kinewell Lake near Ringstead & then a stroll in Mayfair in London

Monday 6th February: Our latest village walk in the Welland Valley around lovely Cottingham’s now live on the blog

Thursday 2nd February: Our village walk round lovely Middleton’s now on the blog!

Wednesday 1st February: Illness has stopped us walking recently  but our walk round Middleton’s almost written up

Monday 23rd January: Our stroll around the Hamilton peninsula on Rutland Water’s now live to see under our ‘Outside’ tab

Friday 20th January: Fancy a walk round Helmdon? It’s live on the blog now

Wednesday 18th January: Been busy walking over the last couple of days with strolls around Helmdon, Middleton & Caldecott, plus a lovely 5.5 mile walk round the Hambleton peninsula on Rutland Water


10th January: Our walk round Weedon Bec surprised us as it’s a village we’ve passed through many time without thinking it might have something else to offer. How wrong we were! Check out Walk 90 now

3rd January: Our stroll last summer round lovely Broadstairs is now under our ‘Walks outside’ tab – Walk 81


Saturday 31st December: Happy New Year to all our readers & looking forward to sharing many more walks with your in 2017

Friday 30th December: A dank really foggy day in The Shire today. We had a walk round Sywell Reservoir but couldn’t see the water!


Wednesday 28th December: Our next published walk will be our third from last summer on the Kent coast around Broadstairs. Today though we started a walk around Weedon Bec, but had to stop as the fog was too thick. The town has an amazing link with Napoleon & the picture below which we’ll explain when we come back


Monday 26th December: Merry Xmas to all our readers. Our stroll in London taking a look at Soho, Theatreland & ending in Parliament Square is now ‘Walk 80’ under ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab

Tuesday 13th December: Our lovely evening walk around the small city of Chelmsford is now live under ‘Outside’

Monday 12th December: Fabulous short walk round hidden Soho at the weekend. Some places still give a cheeky nod to this are of London’s past


Tuesday 6th December: Really wish we’d had our cameras with us this morning. Driving from the top of the hill down into Grantham the whole town was shrouded in mist & all you could see was the majestic spire of St Wulframs

Thursday 1st December: The start of the final month of 2016 & it’s a beautiful frosty morning in deepest Lincolnshire. We decided to ditch the car & walk to work today – so good for the mind & soul

Tuesday 29th November: Get tha’ flat cap ‘n whippet & come for a walk round Rochdale with us. Walk 78 under ‘Outside’ now on the blog

Monday 28th November: Work’s meant we haven’t had much time for walking recently although did get a chance to revisit the magnificent St Wulframs in Grantham who were holding a beer festival


Tuesday 15th November: Our superb walk along the Great Ridge is now on the blog – walk 77 under ‘Outside Northamptonshire’

Wednesday 9th November: Good evening Portsmouth! We’re hopeful of following in Nelson’s footsteps tomorrow evening on the walk he made to HMS Victory

Saturday 5th November: Had a very short stroll along the Canvey Island sea wall this evening & the rain was coming sideways. Cheered up by the inspirational walking stories on BBC Countryfile tonight. Please buy a yellow beanie for £5 which goes to Children in Need – we have & will be wearing on our chilly walks


Thursday 3rd November: Going to London? Then try our latest walk round Bushy Park & Hampton Court. It’s under our ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab

Saturday 29th October: Almost another summer’s evening walking over with the turning back of clocks tonight. Our short circular pub walk between Burton Latimer & Isham’s now on the blog – Walk 89

Tuesday 25th October: We’re working down in Essex for the next few weeks so no walking in The Shire! However, we’re hopeful of having a look at Basildon’s & Chelmsford’s Heritage Trails if the light permits!

Friday 21st October: Our look at the heritage trail in the Kent seaside town, Herne Bay, is now under the ‘Walks outside” tab (walk 75)

Thursday 20th October: Working up in Rochdale this week & really looking forward to exploring their town heritage trail

Sunday 16th: After 49 miles was some kind of witchcraft trying to prevent us completing the final stage of the Northampton Round? Did we make it? Find out with the final stage between Church Brampton & Brixworth Country Park now under the Round tab


Friday 14th October: The penultimate stage of the Northampton Round between Nobottle & Church Brampton can now be seen under the Northampton Round tab. Only one more leg to go!

Wednesday 12th October: No new walking at the moment, so we’re taking the opportunity to catch up on the writing side. Stage 9 of the Northampton Round’s now available to view

Tuesday 11th October: Our superb walk around beautiful Canterbury’s now live under ‘Walks outside’


Monday 10th October: After 2 weeks with no laptop we’re finally back & many walks to catch up on (watch this space!). Last week though we walked the ridge between Lose Hill & Mam Tor & rate it as one of our Top 5 – probably the best ridge walk we’ve done in England (so far!)

Friday 23rd September: Hello to the ‘big wide world’ & welcome to our blog

Wednesday 21st September: We’re looking at making some changes to the blog over the forthcoming months, including moving to a ‘dot.com’ address & opening it up to the world in general. The idea behind this is to see if we can pursue a commercial aspect to the site. Watch this space & then tell your friends!

Monday 19th September: We’ve so many walks to write up at the moment. Stage 8 of The Northampton Round which covers the section between Blisworth & Bugbrooke is now available under that section of the Home Page

Friday 16th September: Our walk round our old home town of Horncastle is now live under ‘Walks Outside’. Looking forward to our walk round Hampton Court tomorrow


Wednesday 14th September: Today we finally completed The Northampton Round (a 51 mile footpath all around the town). How good it was to finally see Pitsford Reservoir again!


Wednesday 7th September: Was hoping to do some more of the Northampton Round today, but best laid plans! We’re currently writing up a walk round Horncastle – a town where we grew up & looking at the changes that have happened over the years

Sunday 4th September: Our gorgeous walk round the Walls of York’s now under ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’

Thursday 1st September: We’ve just updated Walk 47 in ‘Outside Northamptonshire’ to include our recent trip to The Museum of London & The Guildhall Art Gallery to see the amazing Roman Amphitheatre


Wednesday 24th August: We’re preparing to head off on our travels again tomorrow but, in the meantime Stage 7 of the Northamptonshire Round (Stoke Bruerne – Blisworth) is up on the blog

Monday 22nd August: Our attempt at Stage 6 of the Northamptonshire Round (Piddington – Stoke Bruerne) is now available

Thursday 18th August: Excellent few days in Kent. Walks done in Canterbury, Broadstairs, Herne Bay & Whitstable – plenty to write up

Sunday 14th August: Superb couple of days in Lincoln, especially seeing the ‘poppy wave’ at the Castle. Now back in The Shire & getting ready for next week’s trip down to Canterbury

Friday 12th August: Loved York, especially the City Walls walk – coming at some stage. Today onwards to Whitby for some fish n chips & then down to Lincoln #ontour

Sunday 7th August: This week we’ve managed another stretch of the Northampton Round. We’ve now covered 32 miles & only have 18 to go. This week we’re heading to York & looking forward to walking the city walls. In the meantime Walk 88 in ‘Northamptonshire’ is now live. This is our short walk exploring the village of Syresham

Wednesday 3rd August: Yesterday we had a stroll round another of Northamptonshire’s small villages – Syresham. Today though our “otter sighting” walk near Little Dunmow in Essex is now on the blog – Walk 71 in Walks outside Northamptonshire

Friday 29th July: Was all ready to go on the next stage of the Northampton Round today & then the rain started again – maybe next week

Tuesday 26th July: Next is our walk from Little Dunmow where we unexpectedly spotted an otter

Monday 25th July: It’s taken some time, but our latest walk round the centre of Braintree, Essex is now there to see…


Thursday 21st July: Do you know what…sometimes life ain’t that great but how we react to it is more important. Coming soon our walk round Braintree

Wednesday 13th July: Work has meant walking has been limited recently, but we’ve 3 from deepest Essex to share with you, starting with a stroll round beautiful Thaxted which is now under Walk 69 in our “Outside” tab

Wednesday 6th July: Walked by the River Chelver in Essex tonight & was so lucky to see an otter


Sunday 3rd July: Our walk in Edinburgh taking in The Water of Leith & Dean Village is now live (Walk 67 in Walks outside Northamptonshire)

Thursday 30th June: Whilst working in Braintree, Essex this week, we’ve stayed in the stunning village of Thaxted. Whilst there’s no specific walk, we’ve gathered enough of the history to shortly do a small piece, so watch this space…


Friday 24th June: Our latest walk around Troon’s now live on the blog

Tuesday 21st June: Work commitments mean that we’re still unable to walk in the County, but we’ve been seeing sights such as the Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough & The National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham, which we had a fab walk round tonight

Thursday 16th June: Really happy to be back in The Shire tonight. We’ve also just posted our walk round the amazing Falkirk Wheel (walk 65 in Walks outside Northamptonshire)

Wednesday 15th June: Gorgeous short walk round Dean Village & The Water of Leith in Edinburgh last night. We’ve now moved down to Durham & took the opportunity for a close-up look at the stunning statue that’s known as the Angel of the North

Monday 13th June: Another week away from Northamptonshire, this time back in Scotland & Durham where we hope to explore the city. One of our Scottish walks is now available under ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire”, our stroll round lovely Stirling


Tuesday 7th June: Due to work commitments, most of our walks are outside the County. Here’s one we did a couple of weeks ago ‘uuuup North’ in Newcastle


Friday 3rd June: So flamin’ June isn’t here quite yet, but our latest walk around Worcester is now live on the blog – Walk 62 in ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’


Tuesday 31st May: The last day of the month & a real scorcher in Scotland today. We had two great small walks round Stirling & Falkirk & also stopped of to look at the Forth Bridge on the way

IMG_8145 copy

Thursday 26th May: Really looking forward to working in Scotland again next week. We hopefully will be doing some walks round Falkirk, Alloa & Irvine. Let’s hope the weather holds

Sunday 22nd May: Fabulous walk today round Oxford which we’ve done before, but still good. Our walk round Beverley’s now available to see


Wednesday 16th May: Loved our walk round Newcastle the other evening…beautiful weather & a vibrant city with plenty of history

IMG_8038 copy

Sunday 15th May: Looking forward to visiting Newcastle tomorrow & a little walk round the city centre

Wednesday 11th May: Come have a walk around Grantham with us. Is this town for turning??


Tuesday 10th May: Came down to Bournemouth yesterday expecting sunshine on the beach. Instead we found rain! At least we had the beach to ourselves…


Thursday 5th May: Our walk, listed as one of the Top 10 in the UK, around Rhossili Beach is now live on the blog under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’

Sunday 1st May: Badby Wood was looking amazing today & every year the bluebells never fail

B1 copy

Friday 29th April: Our walk around Dundee is now on the blog


Thursday 28th April: We walked in bad weather round the centre of Grantham tonight & very interesting it was too. This is a sculpture modelled on local man, Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion


Friday 22nd April: Great walk on Wednesday over the Rossili cliffs & then back along the beach & Worm’s Head. Stunning place & weather!


Tuesday 19th April: With a bit of luck we’ll be paddling along this stunning beach tomorrow evening


Sunday 17th April: This lady is an inspiration to our walking blog. We were raised in a small Lincolnshire town where Gladys Tingle worked at the Mermaid Chippy where you could get a bag of chips & some scrumps (batter bits) for 3d. She used to participate in the local Skegness to Horncastle walking race until it was no more. Today Gladys ran the Lincoln 10K aged 85. One word….Respect!

glad 2

Thursday 14th April: It doesn’t seem a week since we were walking round Dundee & St Andrews. Next week we’ll be back towards The Gower & the following one up in the North East. Our St Andrews walk is now ‘live’ under ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’

Wednesday 13th April: We’re now back in The Shire & busy writing up all our recent walks. The one round The Harlestones should be here later & St Andrews later in the week. Work all week, so missing the sunshine & fields


Wednesday 6th April: Fabulous early morning walk round St Andrews this morning

IMG_7357 copy

Sunday 3rd April: Our walk round East Haddon & Holdenby’s now live…Walk 86. We’re heading north to hopefully do some walking round Dundee & St Andrews this week

Thursday 31st March: Fabulous walk round the Harlestones today

UH2 copy

Tuesday 29th March: Our latest walk round the lovely traditional Melton Mowbray is now there to see under “Walks outside Northamptonshire” – Pork Pie!

pie copy

Sunday 27th March: Happy Easter to all our ‘bloggers’


Monday 21st March: Our stroll up & down Rockingham Hill’s now live


Gorgeous picture of the castle & the Sondes Arms

Friday 18th March: Hastings Old Town walk is now live – ‘Walk 55’ under Walks outside Northamptonshire. We were hoping to get out for a walk today, but it’s too cold & drizzly

Thursday 17th March: Almost done writing up our Hastings Old Town walk – we seem to have met a foyle though…


Tuesday 15th March: Lovely walk round Melton Mowbray & then we just had to buy one…

pie copy

Thursday 10th March: Our Geddington walk may be here later tonight & we’ve now started writing up our Hasting’s one from last week. Loved the beach-launched fishing fleet


Tuesday 8th March: In ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ our walk around The Seven Sisters & Beachy Head’s now there to see. What’s its links with Sherlock Holmes?


Monday 7th March: We’ve spent a fabulous couple of days walking round the Seven Sisters & Old Hastings. Both walks coming soon plus today’s superb little stroll round Geddington & Newton


Wednesday 2nd March: Great walk round the Seven Sisters & Beachy Head on Monday. Back in Northamptonshire our walk round historic Braunston’s now there to see – walk 83

Friday 27th February: Another weeks walking done & here’s another from Rothersthorpe. Next week we’re excited to be on the South Coast having a look at Beachy Head & the Seven Sisters


Tuesday 23rd February: Our latest walk round Newport Pagnell’s now on the blog. It’s been a beautiful day & we’ve been strolling round Braunston

IMG_6327 copy

Friday 19th February: It’s still pretty damp in those Northamptonshire fields

IMG_6139 copy

Thursday 18th February: Currently writing up our walk round Newport Pagnell town centre. It’s got lots of interesting history, but for us as a 007 fan will only be remembered for one thing…


Tuesday 16th February: Our walk round lovely Pontefract’s now live on ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ What a ‘sweet’ place it is…


Thursday 11th February: Up & down the country this week & we’ve seen many dawns. Today’s in Leicester was rather nice


Monday 8th February: We’re writing this in a very stormy Llangollen. Here’s our latest town walk in much better January weather just over the border in lovely Olney


Saturday 6th February: We always try & bring something back from our travels. This week from Hemsworth it was Yorkshire Curd Tart – love it!!


Friday 5th February: We’ve been working this week so no walks for us – how about you?

Tuesday 2nd February: It was really cold ‘Up North’ today, but we had a lovely walk round the centre of Pontefract. Lovely chatty locals who were keen to talk about their town. Loved the smell of sweets in the air too

IMG_5998 copy

Monday 1st February: Our walk 81 around Northampton’s Shoe Quarter’s now there to see. Today though we had a fab walk round Newport Pagnell

Sunday 31st January: Really looking forward to visiting Shrewsbury tomorrow & seeing what their heritage walk has in store. Our walk round the Shoe Quarter of Northampton will also be here tomorrow evening

Thursday 28th January: Wollaston’s Green Plaque walk’s now live


Thursday 28th January: The Wollaston Green Plaque walk should be up live this evening. If the meantime we’re criss-crossing the country with work at the moment & are looking forward to sampling Shrewsbury’s Heritage Walk next Monday

Thursday 21st January: Our all weather walk around lovely Uppingham’s now on the blog!


Wednesday 20th January: Quick ‘twitching’ walk round Summer Leys this afternoon. Plenty to see including this gorgeous little fellow

s4 copy

Sunday 17th January: There’s snow in Northamptonshire today! Stay in the warm then & read our latest walk (79) looking at the blue plaques in Rushden


Tuesday 12th January: Next up will be the ‘Blue Plaque’ walk round the centre of Rushden. We were quite impressed & this sign we saw outside the church made us chuckle


Monday 11th January: Our ‘all-weather’ walk around beautiful Oakham, just over the County border is now ‘live’ – Walk 50 under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab


Thursday 7th January: The walks are coming thick & fast! The second one from our Xmas break in Dorset is now there to see. Walk 49 under ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’


Monday 4th January: Our latest walk (78) looking at the history of Crick is now ‘live’


Saturday 2nd January: Welcome to a New Year of walking Northamptonshire. Let’s do it & explore places we’ve never heard of or been before


Monday 28th December: Our next walk’s around Weymouth where it’s good to know that…

Knobs 2

Saturday 26th December: Although we like travelling it always feels good to come back to the Shire


Wednesday 23rd December: Can’t believe it’s two days before Xmas & we were on the beach at Lyme Regis. The Cobb looked magnificent



Monday 21st December: The weather was wild & beautiful on Portland Bill yesterday


Friday 18th December: Our walk round Chepstow’s now available – Walk 48 under ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’. Now it’s off to spend Xmas in Dorset – maybe some cliff top walking!


Sunday 13th December: Wondered why our walk around Crick didn’t look right. We were following the Heritage Trail & turned over 4 pages at once! A good excuse to revisit then, but in the meantime writing up Chepstow


Wednesday 9th December: Fab two days in lovely Chepstow & looking forward to another one there next week


Monday 7th December: Our latest walk (77) round lovely Middleton Cheney’s now there to see


Sunday 6th December: Currently writing up Middleton Cheney & Crick, but heading over to Chepstow for work tomorrow – let’s see what it has to offer

Monday 30th November: Our latest walk round the centre of Daventy’s now live

Sunday 29th November: Daventry’s calling…sorry coming. Wonder what we thought?


Thursday 26th November: Our latest walk outside Northamptonshire around the City of London’s now there to see


Wednesday 25th November: Isn’t it good there’s still some honesty in this world Northamptonshire. We could see this in Middleton Cheney


Sunday 22nd November: Next walk up is our stroll round the stunning City of London, followed by Daventry & Middleton Cheney

2015-10-26 16.10.27

Thursday 19th November: Has Daventry disowned the £?


Monday 16th November: Our walk around Kettering’s Industrial Heritage’s now there to see – walk 75


Sunday 8th November: Not much time for walking last week or this as work kicking back in – still a couple to write up though…

Tuesday 3rd November: Although not in the County our fabulous walk from Fenny Stratford including Caldecotte Lake’s on our blog now! It’s the latest on the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab. If you do it watch out for Tim the Heron. He’s normally there…


Heron copy

Sunday November 1st: November 1st…November 1st? 19 degrees on our walk today #lovingit

Tuesday 27th October: Just finished writing up our final walk of our Ireland road trip around Killarney


Tuesday 20th October: Our latest walk from Wolvercote along the canal to Oxford & returning along the Thames Path is now there to view – Walk 44 under ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’


Tuesday 13th October: Although not in glorious Northamptonshire our next published walk is a must do – better get writing!

2015-09-30 15.31.11

Monday 12th October: Well our latest walk round Easton on the Hill is now there to see! It was great apart from this monstrosity…


Sunday 11th October: Three walks to write up so better get writing…Easton on the Hill, Oxford &, our most recent, Fenny Stratford…

F1 copy

Monday 5th October: There’s a mini around Stoke Bruerne on the site now!


Sunday 4th October: The second of our Irish Road Trip walks is now Under the ‘Outside Northamptonshire’ tab is now there to see (Walk 43). It’s round lovely Dingle


Tuesday 29th September: Several new walks coming soon as the weather at the moment’s so good. Today we were in beautiful Stoke Bruerne watching a great artist at work


Thursday 24th September: Our latest walk in Northamptonshire around Wicken is now there to see


Monday 21st September: Walk 42 in ‘Outside Northamptonshire’ is here to see now. It’s the second of our walks in Ireland – beautiful Galway


Thursday 17th September: It appears from the hedgerows that it’s going to be a great Sloe Gin season…


Tuesday 15th September: Nice 4.5 mile from Wicken village today under brooding skies


Monday 14th September: Lovely walk along the canal near Cosgrove yesterday with a coffee at the revamped Navigation. Just love The Horse Tunnel under the canal


Wednesday 9th September: Our first walk from our recent trip to Ireland’s now available to see..Walk 41 under ‘Walk’s outside Northamptonshire”. It’s beautiful Westport in County Mayo


Thursday 3rd September: Apologies Northamptonshire but our next 3 walks will be ones we did in Ireland


Thursday 3rd September: Why not pop over the border & have a fantastic 6.5 mile stroll around beautiful Warwick? Check it out now Walk 40 under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab. Watch your step though…


Tuesday 1st September: Our walk round Warwick’s coming soon & then we have 560+ photos to edit from our 2 weeks in Ireland!

Monday 31st August August: Fabulous two weeks trip around Ireland & some walks coming soon around Westport, Dingle & Killarney

Saturday 15th August: Bags packed & ready to start our tour of Northern Ireland & Eire on Monday. Follow our blog here

Wednesday 12th August: A week working in London & not much time for walking, but did  stroll the 2 miles between Kings Cross & Brick Lane today in beautiful weather. The Salt Beef Beigel was worth it alone. In the meantime our short walk around The Port of Leith is now there to view under the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab

Sunday 9th August: Fabulous 7 mile walk just over the county border in & around beautiful Warwick today – this is a walk you must do! Coming soon

W1 copy

Monday 3rd August: Our fantastic walk round Edinburgh City Centre’s there now to see under ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’

Sunday 2nd August: Another week done in Edinburgh & a cracking short walk round the Port of Leith. Great walk today round Summer Leys again


Friday 24th July: Back in a very rainy Northamptonshire – there won’t be much walking today! Back to beautiful Edinburgh on Monday & hopefully a walk round Leith

Monday 21st July: Fabulous two hour walk around the sights of Edinburgh last night. Even the sun came out at the end


Friday 17th  July: We’re getting ready for Edinburgh next week, but in the meantime Walk 71’s now there to be seen around Great Doddington & Summer Leys Nature Reserve


Wednesday 15th July: Just finishing writing up our walk from Great Doddington around Summer Leys. It’ll be here tomorrow night!

GD1 Monday 13th: We’re off “international” for a few days over the next 3 weeks so some walks around beautiful Edinburgh planned

Friday 10th July: This week we’ve been walking around Earls Barton & Great Doddington. Our cultural walk in Leicester City Centre including the fabulous Market’s also now there to see under ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’

IMG_2245 Sunday 5th July: Busy time coming up, but we’re hopeful of completing the next stage of The Northampton Round this week

Friday 3rd July: Welcome to July & our 70th walk in Northamptonshire’s now there to see. A lovely 4 mile stroll near Finedon

The people were trying to teach a young dog to retrieve from water Monday 29th June: It’s going to be hot, hot hot over the next few days so, if you’re out there walking, get that high factor cream on!

Wednesday 24th June: Have a look at our latest Walk 69 in the highest parts of our stunning county

IMG_2083 Monday 22nd June: Our Richard III walk’s now there to see & it’s fabulous – you must do!


Monday 15th June: We’re on a writing roll today as Stage 5 between Yardley Hastings & Piddington is also now on the blog


Monday 15th June: Our latest Stage (4) of The Northamptonshire Round between Cogenhoe & Yardley Hasting’s now there to view


Saturday 13th June: Really enjoyed walking round Leicester yesterday & seeing the excellent Richard III exhibition

IMG_2376 copy

Wednesday 10th June: Fabulous walk around Hellidon today. The first 2 stages of ‘The Northamptonshire Round’ are now available to see under the tab of the same name

IMG_2083 copy Friday 5th June: Yesterday we completed stage 2 of The Northamptonshire Round & that’s now 23 miles under our belts. Only 28 to go!

Wednesday 3rd June: Second stage of The Northamptonshire Round tomorrow, but in the meantime our short walk round Greens Norton now there to see

Tuesday 2nd June: Flaming June’s here (well not quite yet!). This week we’re hopeful of doing the next stage of the Northampton Round, but in the meantime the short walk that we did around the centre of Brackley’s now there to see. We must admit we didn’t know Brackley that well, but it’s a lovely little town so go & have a look

IMG_1311 Thursday 28th May: Our gorgeous little walk round Polebrook, one of our beautiful rare villages is now there to see – Walk 66


Thursday 21st May: Stage 1 of the Northampton Round completed yesterday…Brixworth – Holcot – Sywell – Mears Ashby – Ecton – Cogenhoe. Not the easiest paths to find in certain places! Hopefully complete stage 2 next week

Wednesday 20th May: This map’s better…let’s go

New Wednesday 20th May: The boots are waterproofed; the camera’s primed; the sarnies are made; the maps are folded…better start the 51 mile Northampton Round tomorrow then!

Stations Tuesday 19th May: Loving our latest walk – where is this Northamptonshire?

Bridge Monday 18th May: Fab weekend in Lincoln taking in the £22m refurbishment of the Castle for the Magna Carta exhibition. Coming soon our walk round the water meadows near Wansford

Thursday 14th May: Our latest walk round beautiful Winwick & Honey Hill’s now there to see. A cracker!


Tuesday 12th May: Currently writing up our walk around the stunning hamlet of Winwick in the west of the County. May be heading for walks in neighbouring Warwickshire later in the week


Saturday 9th May: Walk 63: ‘Ise’ Spies our short tea shop walk around Warkton & Weekley is there to see – Go Walk! (& have a cup of tea!)

Beautiful tea-room

Beautiful tea-room

Thursday 7th May: Walk 61: ‘Steel Yourself’ which is around Middleton & East Carlton will be here to see later today. Lots of history & great views

Mid4 Wednesday 6th May: A ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ is now there to see – walk 35 under ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ It’s a cracker! Next it’s back ‘Up North’ to the Welland Valley

Friday 1st May: Our Walk 61 around Bugbrooke & Nether Heyford’s now available to see. Coming next Elephants & Bears!!

Friday 1st May: Happy May Day everyone! We celebrated by walking 7 miles across some of Northamptonshire’s most hilly parts starting from the beautiful hamlet of Winwick. We’ve still got 4 walks to write up so better crack on!!

W1 Wednesday 29th April: Walk 60 starting from Sudborough & taking in marvellous Lyveden New Bield’s now there to see

Thursday 23rd April: Fabulous walk around Yardley Gobian & Grafton Regis, but tonight in the local park capped it as the bluebell’s are out early this year

2015-04-23 18.35.02 Wednesday 22nd April: Our final short walk from our time spent in The Welsh Valley’s now available to see under ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’. It’s around Aberdare (Walk 34)

IMG_8719 Saturday 18th April: Popped into Northampton today to have a look at the amazing ‘A Knights’ Trail. Six medieval knights carved from massive tree trunks by chainsaw artists. They’re only there until the end of August so be quick as they’re well worth a look!

2015-04-18 13.37.30 2015-04-18 14.14.10 Wednesday 15th April: Had a fantastic 8 mile walk around Woburn today which included an amazing footpath through the Safari Park! That walk’s coming soon, but in the meantime, our little cracker from Kislingbury’s now there to view (Walk 59)

Tuesday 14th April: Back to Northamptonshire for our next walk, which will be here soon…a lovely little stroll from Kislingbury

IMG_9097 Sunday 12th April: Amazing 2 weeks around Vietnam & setting up a separate tab with our adventure shortly

Wednesday 25th March: Have a look under ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ as our latest walk (33) in The Rhondda’s now there to see…

2015-02-27 12.18.03 Monday 23rd March: Walk 58: Off with her head…Fotheringhay’s now there to see

Monday 23rd March: We’ve been doing lots of walking so shortly have some to show you around Fotheringhay, Kislingbury, Sudborough, Bugbrooke, Rhondda & Aberdare. Next up Fotheringhay

F1 F3 Wednesday 18th March: Our walk round Ponty’s now available to see under ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’

IMG_8466 Tuesday 17th March: Just finished writing up our walk round lovely Pontypridd. Coming soon…

What no Cawl?

What no Cawl?

Sunday 15th March: We did a cracking little 4 miler around Kislingbury on Friday & Spring had definitely arrived!

K2 copy Thursday 12th March: The first of our short walks in The Valleys is now there to see – Llantrisant. See under ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’…

IMG_8372 Thursday 5th March: Fancy getting out of Gaol free? Then have a look at our walk round Buckingham. It’s there now under ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’

IMG_8083 Monday 2nd March: Fab walk in the hills overlooking Trehafod this afternoon followed by the heritage walk in Aberdare. The weather was great before the forecast snow tonight…

R1 copy Thursday 26th February: We’re back on a mountain in Wales. but in the meantime our walk around Boddington Reservoir’s now there to see

C1 copy Wednesday 25th February: Looking forward to heading back to ‘The Valleys’ tomorrow. Walks planned around Caerphilly Castle, Pontypridd, Aberdare & Llantrisant

Tuesday 24th February: Had a fab walk around Buckingham this afternoon & met this lovely lady sat on a dashboard reading The Sun…

IMG_8205 copy Monday 23rd February: A few days off before we’re looking forward to visiting Caerphilly Castle – in the meantime Boddington Reservoir walk coming soon

B1 Thursday 19th February: We’re heading back to the Welsh Valleys this afternoon, but before we go our walk around Foxton Locks is now online – see Walk 29 under ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’

IMG_7543 Wednesday 18th February: We had a quick look at Earls Barton’s stunning Anglo-Saxon church & also Abington Park

IMG_7928 copy Monday 16th February: Not much opportunity for walking this week so writing up our walks around Foxton & Boddington

F5 Monday 9th February: Our walk around historical Thrapston’s now there to see…

Bridge Friday 6th February: We’re heading back to the Valleys around Caerphilly next week & have been looking to see if there’s any town walks. Nothing in Caerphilly apart from the Castle & a statue of Tommy Cooper which we’ll have a look at. However there is a really good walk around historical Pontypridd that’s worth exploring

Tuesday 3rd February: Fancy going back to school & a rather posh one at that? Then check out Walk 54 around Oundle

IMG_7087 Monday 2nd February: Fabulous 5 mile winter’s day walk from Foxton Locks

IMG_7418 copy Thursday 29th January: A light covering of snow finally arrived in Northamptonshire this afternoon, so we’ve spent the day writing. Coming soon…small hard path walks around Oundle, Titchmarsh & Thrapston. In the meantime, Walk 53 near Arthingworth’s now there to view…

A2 Tuesday 27th January: Our second walk from last week near Arthingworth is almost ready, including going through Oxendon Tunnel…

IMG_6981 Saturday 24th January: Well after today’s crushing defeat at Northampton Saints, we thought we’d do something positive. So our Walk 52 near Marston Thrussell’s now available to see

Wednesday 21st January: A bad knee means no walking this week so plenty of time to write old ones up! Our New Year’s Eve walk around Montmartre in Paris is now there to see under ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ (Walk 28)

M2 Wednesday 14th January: Well just when we thought all walks were off this week today’s forecast changed & although it was very cold with patches of snow & ice it was a beautifully clear day. Very muddy boots again, but 2 fab walks from Marston Trussell & Arthingworth in the North of the County on the Leicestershire border

IMG_6842 copy Monday 12th January: The weather’s scuppering any walking this week – last week’s around Whittlebury & Silverstone which we’ve just finished writing up was very muddy. It’s listed as Walk 51 as the landmark 50th Walk slot’s being kept free as it’ll hopefully be completed this summer

IMG_6782 Thursday 8th January: Our walk around Willen Lakes’ is now available to see under ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’

Monday 5th January 2015 Looking back, what a year of fabulous walking it’s been both inside & outside of Northamptonshire. And…with what’s planned in 2015 it’s going to be more of the same so here’s wishing all our followers a fantastic walking 2015 We’ve also just published a walk we did last year around Prague (under ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’)


Monday 29th December: The Moon was looking great yesterday too…

Moon6 Sunday 28th December: Great winter’s walk around Willen Lake near Milton Keynes today & plenty of wildlife about too…

Thursday 18th December: Looking like we might have finished new walks for this year, although are currently writing up a very long ‘international’ one in beautiful Prague

Thursday 11th December: Our latest Walk (No. 49)’s now there to see!

Wednesday 10th December: Northamptonshire is just so stunning…

k5 Tuesday 9th December: Our latest walk from Kingsthorpe along Dallington Heath into Harlestone Firs to The Bramptons & back is now done & will be here Thursday night

IMG_5914 Monday 8th December: Finally managed to get time for a new Northamptonshire walk on what was a glorious winter’s morning…

k2 Saturday 29th November: Our walk around Florence’s now there to see under Walks outside Northamptonshire

IMG_5492 Friday 28th November: Was hoping to get out & walk today, but sadly bad weather so settee & film time

Wednesday 26th November: Starting to write up our Florence walk

2014-10-31 11.19.55 Monday 24th November: The first real frost of winter this year & some fabulous sunrises & sunsets today taken from the top of Weston Favell Shopping Centre

2014-11-24 07.51.04 2014-11-24 16.50.02 Thursday 20th November: Our Antrim walk’s now there to view under ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’

Wednesday 19th November: Our walk around Antrim’s finished & hopefully be on the blog tomorrow night

Wednesday 12th November: Back in Lincoln this week so have a look at our previous walk round that great city. In the meantime just finished our walk in Pisa which is there to see now under ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’

Saturday 9th November: Yesterday had a fantastic walk around Antrim…beautiful place & beautiful people. We’ll miss the place when we leave tomorrow, but will definitely come back & explore more…

2014-11-07 10.36.29 Thursday 6th November: Unable to do any walking in Antrim today so we’ve finished writing up our walk around Bath. Check it out under ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ above

Tuesday 4th November: After Pisa & Florence last week now it’s Antrim & Loch Neagh in Northern Ireland – soooo many walks to write up!!

Saturday 25th October: Time to move on from Cardiff to find walks anew, but just one final confession with The Rev James…

Thursday 23rd October: Our walk from Penarth to Lavernock Point’s now there to see \ Thursday 16th October: Our latest walk in Northamptonshire around Canons Ashby’s now there to see

Wednesday 15th October: Great sunset walk across the Cardiff Bay Barrage tonight & will update our Cardiff walk

Friday 10th October: Had to take advantage of the great weather today & being back in The Shire so did a fab walk around Canons Ashby & Moreton Pinkney. Oh & ‘Walk 47: Irksome around Irchester’ is there to see now!

Tuesday 7th October: Cardiff Bay was looking fab tonight!

Wednesday 1st October: To us October is the start of Autumn proper with beautiful colours & shortening days. Work’s taking priority at the moment so local walks are as & when, but we’ll be out with the camera

Wednesday 24th September: Updated our Walk 34 around Flore after doing again last weekend. There’s now a sign pointing out something we thought was an old shed. This building, first mentioned in the sale of the farm in 1758, is a rare example of an Ox Hovel & is the only known one in Northamptonshire & maybe one of the earliest examples of cattle housing in the UK first mentioned in the sale of the farm in 1758 You see…you never know!!

Thursday 18th September: Don’t you just hate it when the Council closes a path & says ‘temporarily’ when the date is December 2011. Letter coming me thinks! Still didn’t spoil yesterday’s walk around Irchester Country Park & along the Nene. Lots of signs of autumn

V1 Friday 12th September: Our “Fast Boat to Greenwich” walk’s now available to view under “Walks outside Northamptonshire”

Thursday 11th September: All work & no play makes Jack a dull boy! Have we been dull…certainly not doing walks around Aberdeen & Cardiff

Thursday 4th September: Our fantastic Walk 17 along the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path’s up now under ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’. Need to get back to County walking soon

Monday 25th August: The Stowe walk’s just been updated to include the interior of the  House

It's a bit like Hogwarts!

It’s a bit like Hogwarts!

Friday 22nd August: Our walk around Three Cliff Bay’s available to see now!

Monday 18th August: Just finished our walk around the stunning Three Cliffs Bay on The Gower – coming soon

Wednesday 13th August: Our fantastic walk around Hengistbury Head is available to view now under ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’

Sunday 10th August: Northamptonshire has had to take a back seat for the past few weeks, but there’s shortly coming walks around Hengistbury Head, The Gower & The Pembrokeshire Coastal path

Thursday 31st July: The ‘Cockle Trail’ is now up & running under ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire”

Wednesday 30th July: The Poole ‘Cockle Trail’s’ coming tomorrow night…it’s great & so were the Fish n Chips!!

Sunday 27th July: Day out in London combined with a walk around Greenwich. Fabulous views…

Thursday 24th July: And finally here’s the ‘7 Church Challenge’ under ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ Took a long time to walk & write up, but it’s a cracker!

Wednesday 23rd July: Phew! 7 Church Challenge finally in the can. Coming live tomorrow night. These 12 mile walks take some writing up

Sunday 20th July: Worked down south this week so took the opportunity for some fabulous walks around historic Poole, Hengistbury Head & local beaches – so stunning

Wednesday 16th July: Stepped on a broken tile in the kitchen today & deep cut on foot so no walking tomorrow. Better get that ‘7 Churches’ finished then!! Did have a lovely paddle on Bournemouth beach last week, but no time to do a proper walk

Thursday 10th July: Walk 46: ‘Stampeding around Whilton’ is on the blog now!

Tuesday 8th July: Our walk around Whilton Locks & Long Buckby’s ready to go. Coming Thursday night. Now for the ‘7 Church Challenge’

Thursday 3rd July: Went across the border today to do the ‘7 Church Challenge’ in North Beds. It’s a 11 mile walk & at lunchtime we were passing through beautiful Carlton. The village store looked great so we popped in & it was like a deli you’d find abroad – fantastic We met Will who made us a great ham & mustard oven bottom bap

Monday 30th June: The paths this time of year are really clear

Saturday 28th June: Getting a bit behind! The Kings Cliffe walk’s now ‘live’. This week we’ve also had a cracker around the Whilton area, despite being charged at by cows!!

Monday 23rd June: Would have loved to have been out in the sunshine today but too much to do. Kings Cliffe walk likely to be available to see on Thursday evening

Friday 20th June: Looking for suggestions for our 50th walk & currently the Northamptonshire stretch of The Nene Way is looking favourite. Will take a few days but that sounds fab

Thursday 19th June: Here’s 3 from today’s walk

Thursday 19th June: Lovely walk in the North East of the County around Kings Cliffe & Apethorpe

Tuesday 17th June: Currently writing up our short visit to Fermyn Woods in the north-east of our county

Sunday 15th June: We’ve just published our Addington Water Meadows walk. It really is a cracker

Thursday 12th June: Walk around Addington water meadows coming soon, but had a fab time at Fermyn Woods yesterday snapping some amazing wildlife

Friday 6th June: Family of swans from yesterday

Friday 6th June: Great walk yesterday. Our walks around Welford & Cosgrove are available to see now

Wednesday 4th June: Rain, rain GO AWAY!!

Sunday 1st June: Walk 40 around Cransley’s now available to see. Welford & Cransley still to write up so plenty to do!!

Thursday 22nd May: Our walk around Aynho’s up now!!

Tuesday 20th May: Aynho’s ready to publish on Thursday – now what about Cransley…

Monday 19th May: Taking advantage of the great weather! Friday’s walk was around Cransley Reservoir area (what a hidden gem!) & then today we’ve been near Welford

Cransley Reservoir

Cransley Reservoir

Sunday 18th May: Our Aynho walk’s going to be our next published one – it’s a long one to write up as there’s a walk within a walk

Friday 16th May: Twywell’s now available to view

Thursday 15th May: Our latest walk from Twywell’s coming around 8pm

Monday 12th May: We’ve finally managed to enable you to print off each walk. At the bottom of each walk is a “Print” button. Hit that et voila

Friday 9th May: Fabulous 4.5 mile walk today around ‘The Apricot Village’ Aynho

Thursday 8th May: And Ravensthorpe’s available to view now – Walk 37

Wednesday 7th May: Ravensthorpe walk’s ready to go tomorrow night

Thursday 1st May: Our Walk 36 around Badby is now available to view

100 Wednesday 30th April: Been back in the east of the County around the Hills & Dales of Twywell. Really good walk

Monday 28th April: Just finished writing up the Badby Wood walk – have to say it looks fab!

Sunday 27th April: This week we walked around Badby Wood & Ravensthorpe Reservoir. The walks are coming soon

Tuesday 21st April: Our next walk is back in Suffolk around Lavenham. Coming soon…

Saturday 18th April: Our Grendon walk’s now live!! Check it out

Friday 11th April: Writing up the Grendon walk makes me remember how this one really typifies the Northamptonshire countryside

Thursday 10th April: Walk 11 in Outside Northamptonshire around Colchester’s now live!!

Wednesday 9th April: The start of our Grendon walk – it really makes you want to walk through this gate

Monday 7th April: Easton Maudit the other day – a stunning typical English view

Saturday 5th April: Walks around Flatford in Suffolk & Flore in Northamptonshire now on here to view

Friday 4th April: Phew it’s been a busy week so not much walking done & currently have 4 walks to write up! Head down for some serious blogging me thinks!!

Friday 28th March: We were hoping to get to Lyveden today, but didn’t. We did manage a great little 4 miler around Flore & definitely saw 2 paces of life…

Thursday 27th March: Walks 32 & 33 are now Live!!

Wednesday 26th March: Just finished typing up walks around Litchborough & ‘The Pattishalls’. Looking forward to sharing them with you tomorrow

Tuesday 25th March: Looking forward to heading back to the gorgeous city of Lincoln tomorrow

Monday 24th March: Spent the weekend walking in Essex & Sussex. Fabulous little walks to write up around Flatford, Lavenham & Roman Colchester, but first need to concentrate  on ‘The Shire’ with Litchborough & Eastcote

Friday 21st March: Our latest Northamptonshire walk around beautiful Wadenhoe is available to see now

Wednesday 19th March: We were out across the fields again today & they’re really drying out now. A fab & lung testing 3 1/2 mile walk around Litchborough & Farthingstone

Monday 17th March: Amazing walk around Wadenhoe & spent ages watching an incredible Kingfisher, Red Kites & Butterflies

Thursday 13th March: Two new walks available to view now in ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’. Blickling Hall & Newmarket

Tuesday 11th March: We’re going to publish 2 new walks Thursday night but, due to work commitments, they’re outside ‘the Shire’ in Norfolk & Suffolk

Ready to go...

Ready to go…

Monday 10th March: Been walking round Newmarket. Up at dawn on The Gallops

Thursday 6th March: Our latest short walk around Harlestone Firs is here to view now

Friday 28th February: Unfortunately my best mate & the original Westie, Monty left us today aged 17

Friday 28th February: Our latest walk (29) around Raunds is now up & running. Have to say we thought it had sadly lost its soul

Tuesday 25th February: Great weekend in Norfolk & walks coming, but saw 2 birds we’ve never seen before…a Treecreeper & this gorgeous very tame Turnstone

Tuesday 25th February: Missing the walks along Maundesley Beach in Norfolk

Monday 24th February: Great weekend in Norfolk & daffodils already out at Blickling Hall

Thursday 20th February: We’ve been all over this week but our walk around historic Higham Ferrers is here now!!

Sunday 16th February: Work done for a week so it’s time we did some walking

Monday 10th February: Walks around Higham Ferrers & Raunds today where we saw an advert for The Chelveston Church Snowdrop Festival this weekend so went & had a look…

Wednesday 5th February: Was going to try & do a couple of small walks today, but storms are coming in fast so it’s a no-go! Still there are signs that spring is around the corner & the nights are drawing out…

Monday 3rd February: Thought we’d try a walk around another of our major towns…Kettering. Well we couldn’t find Tourist Information despite signs, Council & Library only gave grunts & everywhere else appeared to be closed! Have sent message to KBC…let’s see what happens. Came home somewhat disillusioned…

Saturday 1st February: Work & bad weather preventing walking, but Stowe walk now up & running under ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ – just….

Sunday 26th January: When will this rain finally stop?? Currently writing up our walk around Stowe Gardens

Thursday 23rd January: Tonight we’ve published Walks 26 & 27 around Sulgrave & King’s Sutton. Check them out

Monday 20th January: Unable to get out & about due to other commitments. But we have walks around Sulgrave, King’s Sutton. Stowe Gardens & Cambridge coming on here soon!

Friday 17th January: Our great walk around Northampton’s beautiful Abington Park is now live. Coming next Sulgrave

Monday 13th January: Just finished writing up our walk around one of the top 5 parks in the country. We’ll publish on Thursday

Sunday 12th January: Fabulous walk around beautiful Cambridge today

Friday 9th January: As we can’t get on the fields due to the weather at the moment, today we did a couple of village walks in the far south west of the county…Sulgrave & King’s Sutton. Stunning & so much history in them both…we now have a lot of work to write this week up!

Thursday 8th January: Spent the afternoon in the sunshine walking around Stowe Gardens – stunning! We even saw some Goosanders.

Wednesday 7th January: Had a nice stroll around Abington Park today & fun stalking a Green Woodpecker. Then, on recommendation, explored Rectory Farm Pocket Park. Nice day in the sunshine

Saturday 4th January: Our short stroll around Rothwell’s coming soon. Let’s hope 2014 brings hot sunny days to allow us to get out across the fields again


Saturday 28th December: We’ve just published our 5th walk outside Northamptonshire…a stroll we put together on our weekend in Dublin

Monday 23rd December: Here’s our walk around Towcester! See walk 23.

Monday 23rd December: The weather’s foul so there’s no walking today, but our walk around Towcester’s coming later

Thursday 19th December: Was out in Rothwell today so did a bit of research & took the camera. We’ve now got a little town centre walk to write! Now have 4 in production…busy busy!

Wednesday 18th December: Fab little 3 miler round Towcester this pm dodging the showers. Great fun watching a kingfisher. Got a photo of him but can only just see so will return with the wildlife lens. Did you know that kingfishers always return to the same perches…& I now know 2 of his so it’ll be a waiting game!!

Wednesday 18th December: In the ‘Walks outside Northamptonshire’ tab we’ve just published our Bedford River Walk

Thursday 12th December: Our Lincoln walk’s now here to see

Wednesday 11th December: Here’s an article on Becket’s Park..look under ‘About Northamptonshire’

Wednesday 11th December: We’re off to Dublin at the weekend & have decided to take the camera & are planning a walk. We promise that it won’t all be pubs!

Tuesday 10th December: Loving typing up our Lincoln walk. It’s fab

Monday 9th December: Been across to Bedford to finish a walk off today. Spent the the weekend before last walking around historic Lincoln. Both coming soon.

Saturday 7th December: Walk 21 around the Welland Valley is there to see now!

Thursday 5th December: Welland Valley walk coming soon.

Thursday 28th November: Great couple of walks this week. First one around Chapel Brampton & the second in the beautiful Welland valley near the Harringworth viaduct. Reports coming soon!

Monday 25th November: We’re planning walks in the north of the county this week…watch this space…

Sunday 24th November: Spent a day in Bedford & although 1 bridge across a path closed still had a great little walk around the river area. Took the camera but forgot the recharging battery…ooops

Wednesday 20th November: We managed a couple of walks yesterday around the Ouse Valley near Stony Stratford & then in the afternoon taking in the late autumn colours around Sywell Country Park. The first of these (Walk 18) is available to view now

Friday 15th November: Our latest walk (Walk 17) around Thrapston & Titchmarsh nature reserves is available to view

Monday 11th November: Hey….come & walk with us round Dorchester

Thursday 7th November: All walks now updated

Wednesday 6th November: We’ve a capacity problem with the blog so trying to resolve, so it may look different for a while with pictures missing

Wednesday 30th October: Great walk in the East End of London….coming here tomorrow

Monday 28th October: We’re heading out of Northamptonshire this week…things to do in London tomorrow so this week’s walk’s is going to be in the East End…watch out for ‘The Ripper’

Sunday 27th October: Batton down the hatches there’s a storm coming!!!! If we can we’re going down to London to do a walk outside the county.

Tuesday 22nd October: The weather’s been too bad to walk across fields so today we tried out the Wellingborough Heritage Trail – report coming soon!

Monday 21st October: Please don’t this weather be the end of our field walking this year!!

Friday 18th October: Weather forecast for next week looks really bad. Can we get out there……we’ll do our best!

Thursday 17th October: Our Northampton town centre walk’s now available to view

Sunday 13th October: Don’t think we’re going to fit in a dog walk this week so going to publish one I did earlier around the main sites of Northampton

Thursday 10th October: We had a great canal & hill-side walk last Monday. We’re putting it on here tonight!

Friday 4th October: Walk 13 now live!

Thursday 3rd October: Walk 12 now online!

Wednesday 2nd October: – Walk 12 written up & ready to publish in NorthantsHour at 8.30pm tomorrow. Walk 13 to follow at end of the week

Monday 30th September – A couple of short pub walks in the south of the county today

Thursday 26th September – fancy a quick walk in Salcey Forest? We were looking for Owls. Heard them but didn’t see

Wednesday 25th September – busy week so just a quick walk but well worth it. Coming soon!

Wednesday 18th September – We’ll be publishing our latest walk at 8.30pm tomorrow

Tuesday 10th September – Walk 9’s now available to view

Monday 9th September – dodged the rain to have a great riverside walk today – report coming soon!

Saturday 7th September – hoping to do a great riverside around Oundle on Monday.

Friday 6th September – Latest walk from yesterday now available

Thursday 5th September – Fantastic 8 miles today mainly across fields around Old, Lamport, Hanging Houghton & Scaldwell. Boy was it hot & lots of hunting out shade for water breaks. Not many photos so shouldn’t take too long to write up.

Tuesday 3rd September – unfortunately had to work Monday, but walk coming up this Thursday!

Thursday 29th August – Great walk planned for Monday around Litchborough (& it includes a tea room!)

Wednesday 21st August – back from a fantastic time in Sorrento Italy. We’ve got some great new walks coming up!

Monday 5th August: Given the weather we couldn’t do the long walk in the east of the county, but managed a fabulous little 3.7 miler near Yardley Gobion. Writing up now begins…

Sunday 4th August: One of our latest ‘4 legged followers’, Go Beau Go’s dad, Go Cheers Go, is a Hollywood star! Click on this youtube link to see him in the trailer for ‘Husbands’ which is just starting its 3rd series youtube.com/gocheeksgo

Saturday 3rd August: Have a great walk planned in the east of our fantastic county for Monday . Hope we can pull it off

Friday 2nd August: Monday’s walk is now published (Walk 6)

Monday 29th July: We’re back! A great short walk around The Bringtons & Althorp today. Report coming soon!

Sunday 21st July: Unfortunately other stuff to do but Friday we should be off!

Thursday 18th July: Almost there & looking at a couple of short but great walks on Monday – watch this space!!

Sunday 14th July: Feet hurting at mo but raring to go

Friday 12th July: Thinking about just some short sharp pub walks next week in the East & North of the County

Thursday 11th July: feeling much better & looking forward to getting back out there again next week

Friday 5th July: Last Monday’s walk now available ‘Walk 5’

Monday 1st July: Frustrating walk for man & dog completed in the south of the County. You’ll see why when we publish…

Sunday 30th June: Decided to stay in ‘The Shire’ for tomorrow’s walk near Brackley

Saturday 29th June: Monday’s walk could be our first outside the county

Friday 28th June: Following tonight’s #northantshour Jean Edwards sent us her fantastic drawing of Whiston church from our path. How amazing!

Whiston Church picture by Jean Edwards @jeaned70

Whiston Church picture by Jean Edwards @jeaned70

Thursday 27th June: Busy planning our walk for Monday. Think it might be our first outside of the county. Need to avoid the wild animals though…

Wednesday 26th June: Walk 4’s up there now!

Monday 24th June: Fantastic 10 mile walk today. Now to write it up…

Sunday 23rd June: Really pleased to hear tonight that Maisy has been successfully re-homed & yet at the same time slightly sad 🙁

Sunday 23rd June: Lots of rain today, but forecast looks better for tomorrow…10 mile classic Nene, villages & fields walk planned for Monday plus an amazing Tea Room….mmmmmmmm

Thursday 20th June: Loads of Northamptonshire & National walks & others starting to get involved. Send me some of your favourite walks & let’s put them up. Am thinking my first outside Northamptonshire walk may be a classic I’ve done several times in one of my favourite places…The New Forest.

Thursday 20th June: Sad no walk tomorrow but other priorities, but hopefully we’ve got a 10 miler ear-marked for Monday…weather permitting…

Wednesday 19th June: Walk 3 is up….enjoy!

Monday 17th June: Great walk today. Currently writing up & will be available within the next couple of days

Sun 16th June: Tomorrow we have fields, a gunpowder plot,  home made jams & a canal in mind

Sat 15th June: Tonight we have more gorgeous followers from around the world including Mexico & Texas. Check out under our 4 legged followers tab

Fri 14th June: Weather forecast really bad for today so walks postponed until Monday 🙂

Weds 12th June: See ‘Our 4 legged friends tab’ for new followers. Thanks so much guys & a special mention goes to Rocko from New Zealand – if ever I’m having a bad day I’m gonna look at your picture. Priceless….

Tuesday 11th June: Tonight we have gone worldwide. Check out our ‘4 legged followers’ from Toronto & Tokyo. Thanks for your support guys it’s much appreciated

Mon 10th June. No walk today due to other commitments. Weather permitting we’ll be out there Friday

Mon 10th June: Started compiling the ‘About Northamptonshire’ page of the blog which will be a moving feast, but if you have any favourite places you want me to publicise either put on here, tweet or email me.

Sat 8th June: Sad to say after a couple of months Maisy has moved out of Northamptonshire to new owners & I really hope all goes well. Have to say it’s been a real privilege to build such an amazing close bond with an intelligent dog in such a short time & I’ll miss her terribly.

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