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65 Responses to Contact

  1. Trev Redfern says:

    I’m 1 of your Twitter followers, & you’ve inspired me to do the Northampton Round. As I’m 60 next year, & I’ve just got the all clear for prostate cancer, I want to do a ‘big challenge’.
    Therefore, it’s my intention to do the walk in 24 hours if I can, & get sponsors etc.
    My question is- do you know of a full map of the route I can access to mark on my os maps (all3 of them)?
    I’ve just found your breakdown of your route on your site, & that will be very helpful- thank you.

    My contact is @FramingTrev. 07790-774440

    Thanks, Trev.

  2. T C Whitney says:

    Hi David,
    Tackled your Kinewell Lake walk today (Thursday). We’d been to Kinewell before but not the extension along the river to Woodford Mill. Most enjoyable.
    You were wise to recommend wellies as I think the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse had recently passed by the river stretch!
    We were blessed with some watery sunshine too!
    Happy days.
    Maybe see you at the Worcester game.
    Tim & Sue

  3. Peter Heald says:

    Hi. Walk 92 looks lovely. Thought you might like to know that Old Barrack Yard, London, is where some iconic scenes from A Christmas Carol (the 1951 Alistair Sim version) were filmed. In particular, the end scene where Scrooge carries Tiny Tim under the arch. See the Filming Locations entry on

  4. Natasha Wilkinson says:

    Hi, I am looking to Nordic Walk a circular 5km route from Leicester Cathedral at the start of September any suggestions?

  5. Re the Collyweston Walk. Thank you for including our village. A couple of small alterations if possible please. There were 3 cottages next to the Collyweston Slater. The building with the horse shoe used to be a forge. St Andrews Church contains an exhibition about Collyweston’s Royal Palace in The Lady Chapel which is open every day. The Village Shop on the High Street is run by Volunteers for the benefit of the Community and sells snacks, fresh sandwiches, hot and cold drinks, locally sourced products, etc. It is open 7 days a week and offers a warm welcome. 😊

    • Hi Sandra & thanks for passing on the information about your beautiful village.
      I’ve updated the blog with your comments & have also included a stock photo of the church plus one that I took of the shop.
      Many thanks once again & I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures.
      Kind regards

  6. The Bystander says:

    Hi, I heard your piece on the radio asking for walks from your door step. I have 6 walks in an around Broughton here .

    • Hiya – how fabulous. Would you like us to pop them on our blog – with full accreditation etc to yourself etc? Thanks Dave

      • The Bystander says:

        Absolutely, help yourself 👍

      • Do you know what. You blog is fab, so rather than change anything, how’s about I do a great intro / build up for you & then we’ll just post the link straight to your blog – then you get the traffic as well. We could do one say every couple of nights if that ok. You should see an increase in traffic hopefully

      • The Bystander says:

        Thanks for the compliment Dave. I’m happy with whatever approach you think would work best to get the walks to a wider audience. If it increases traffic it might encourage me to update the blog more frequently, Most of the route descriptions were written back in 2012 and I’ve only been writing sporadically in recent years.
        Thanks – Stephen (The Bystander)

      • The Bystander says:

        However it has been a while since I wrote (or walked) some of them so they may need updating. I’ll let you know of any updates as and when.

  7. Carol says:

    We have done a few of the walks but not being locals, a map showing the walks would be really useful.

  8. John Collins says:

    Wonderful. Much better than the published leaflets. We did your Railway Children walk today and loved it. Only one thing – Bramwell drank in the Black Bull, not the Fleece. 🙂
    Super effort, much appreciated. Didn’t get lost once!! Will be doing more.

  9. Christine Curran says:

    We’ve just done the first three sections of the Nene Way over the last three days. We used the maps from the County Council but what we found invaluable and and so very interesting was the route information and planner on your website under (funnily enough) the Nene Way. However, stage 4 and 5 are not there. Did the contributor do these last two stages, and did they write up the route in the same way do you know? If so, where can we access it? we have thoroughly enjoyed the walk so far and what we have loved is reading about all the villages,towns, local industry, landmarks and interesting facts as we go along. Brilliant. Please pass on our thanks.

    • Hi Christine & thanks for your lovely comments.
      It’s a really simple explanation….I haven’t done the next stages yet 😉
      Watch this space

      • Christine curran says:

        Well that makes sense now! We have done the last two stages on sunday and Monday this week – as far as Oundle, so we have missed out the last 12 miles. My husband couldn’t get any more time off work, and at the moment 12 miles or so is my absolute max due to a foot condition. It was great but we were a little bereft without your guides!. We kept seeing villages, and churches and mills and wishing that we had some information about them! Beautiful weather though all five days.
        One point – on stage two – from Kislingbury to Cogenhoe – the Nene Way was completely closed off with a sign saying ‘private property’ just outside of Kislingbury at Upton. there was a newly laid tarmac path which we followed all the way to the Upton housing estate but it takes you quite a way off the Nene Way route, and there was absolutely no redirection signs.
        Anyway, hope you enjoy it when you get the time to do the last two stages. You should try to get your guides published into a book format – they are great!
        thanks again

      • Thanks Christine for your kind comments. I’ve had to rewrite the route on the Kislingbury Circular Walk because of that closure. That housing development is going to be massive

  10. Stuart Welford says:

    We did walk 7 yesterday which was beautiful we did this with our 2 spaniels I would just like to point out on number 17 on the guide would it be possible to add mind the road after the stile as we did not realise we had to crossover a road to then access the final field.Thanks

  11. fnbarr says:

    Hi Dave, Love reading about he Ladies adventures along the Jurassic Way, section 4 was certainly a battle. Ashby St. Ledger is amazing and the Manor House is stunning and comes with a great history. A little correction, while the Crown Estates own the estate the Manor House is owned by the Guest family. Attached is an interesting article from Country Life.
    Keep up the good work

  12. wnorford says:

    Hi, thanks this is an amazing resource! I have just looked at your walk 109 round Hollowell. I checked the Anglia water webpage for Hollowell and on there it states that you need a permit to *park* there, and a fishing permit to *fish* but there’s no cost to just visit for a walk. I hope this clarifies things. W

  13. Helen Carter says:

    II love the walks on this website and have done quite a few now. I recently did the 10 mile Delapre Abbey Circular and yesterday (because the weather was not good) I did the Higham Ferrers Town walk. Such amazing history. Many thanks

  14. Rebecca Currill says:

    Hi David,
    Just to say I tried the Braunston Circular a couple of weeks ago and got stuck at the tunnel as they are building and so the path is fenced off. Had to follow the 3 miles back to Braunston via the road!! A real pity!!

  15. Malcolm Judge says:

    Hi, This may seem like a silly question, but how do I scroll down to see the details of a particular walk ? When i hover the cursor over “Walks In Northamptonshire” near the top of the home page it shows the first few walks, but I can’t see a way to scroll down beyond those first few walks. The list just disappears.

  16. Hello, We are the publishers of the Oundle Life magazine, please could you email me so that I can contact you?

  17. Paul Wallace says:

    My partner and I live in Thrapston. We love the website. Keep up the great work you are doing!

    Quick question: For Walk 145 is there anywhere else to park other than Church Lane, or maybe start the walk somewhere else where there is available parking?

    We have just completed the fourteen walks in Mia Butler’s Northamptonshire Rambles, as well as some of your walks and are keen to do as many as possible!

    Many thanks
    Paul Wallace

    • Hi Paul – there’s lots to do & lots more coming as I aim to make sure every town & village in the County has at least one walk that touches it. You can park anywhere in Grafton Regis but it will be on the street. Alternatively you could start it half way round in Ashton & maybe park in the Crown car park if they’d let you 🙂

  18. Dave says:

    Karen and Rob did you ever stay 10 Hall Drive 1990/1992 Citroen car

  19. Emily says:

    Hi, can someone email me about walks around Canons Ashby please and use of the National Trust car park, as all visits even for walking in the area need to be booked.

  20. Joseph says:

    Hi Dave,

    Do you have an email address I can reach you on please?

  21. Louise Bennett says:

    Hello, Please could you contact me about a project we have coming up which I would love you to be involved in?

  22. Keely says:

    Hi Dave
    I would like to order a hoodie please, could you let me k ow how to do this please

  23. Stephen Geenhalgh says:

    I would be very useful if you included a gpx file of the routes for those of us with GPS Apps

    • Hi. Thank you. It’s something we may look at in the future, but isn’t an immediate priority 🙂

      • Glenn says:

        Hi there.
        I too think this would be extremely useful. I’ve taken wrong turns more than once.
        Would it perhaps be possible to enable a facility for people to upload them themselves? That way it would be pretty much admin-free for you. (I guess it depends on the extent to which you’d want to vet them of course. If so perhaps they could be emailed to you?)

  24. Stephen Geenhalgh says:

    Okay, of course …I’m happy to volunteer to create them as I will be anyway when I do some of the walks.

  25. Andy Langford says:

    Hi Dave can you let me know which of the June walks still have places please?
    Andy – met on the Piddington walk

  26. Joanne Lowe says:

    Hi Dave! I hope this message finds you well and I hope you don’t mind me emailing you out of the blue! I did try get intouch with you via Messenger but I’m not sure if you’ve been able to pick it up.
    I suppose I’d better get to why I’m messaging… I’m part of the planning committee for Moulton Literary Festival and we are holding our next festival on Saturday 20th November. As a fellow author, we would love it if you would be willing to be one of our authors who would join our event and do a talk 😊 if you are able to join us and talk about your book, that would be brilliant. We have a mix of authors attending: children’s, young adult and adult, as well as local writing groups, a mass book club and a “kid fest” with lots of fun activities!
    We are willing to pay any expenses incurred and a speaking fee (and I’ll throw in a coffee and cake 🎂)
    Please let me know your thoughts, if you would like to discuss, give me a call on 07971 852776.
    If you want to check us out, our website is:
    I look forward to hearing from you soon, take care!

  27. Julia Ginns says:

    Hi Dave et al, Not sure this is where I should leave this, I found I couldn’t leave a note at the end of the walk directions.
    Walk 124 Kirby/Gretton – the footpath from No. 11 was completely closed off because of ‘deep excavation’ work, so we had to walk a mile along the road – and the cars shift pretty fast and dangerous. We picked up the walk again at again at 13. I just wondered whether there should be a note on the directions to say it’s closed off and to walk on the road. You might have seen my note on FB. We carried the dog as she’s small, but a larger one would need tp be kept close.
    We enjoyed seeing Kirby Hall again, we used to take the children there when they were very young.
    Thanks for all your work on the walks.
    All the very best,

  28. Samuel Lane says:

    Hello, Northamptonshire walks

    Ids love to come and walk with you. I have alijf back labrador who I’m sure would enjoy walking as much as I do. I’ve done a few of you’re wlais in the past and have enjoyed them thoroughly but I’m looking for a walking companion and would love to have someone to walk with. Please could you let me know about upcoming walks so I can join you and explore with you 🙂

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